777 hypercar: a 7 million euro racing car is born in Monza that goes like a Formula 1

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While mass-produced cars are increasingly electrified and are about to become fully electric, special ones, made in very small numbers and at exorbitant prices, remain faithful to the internal combustion engine. This is the case of the 777 Hypercar designed by 777 Motors, a newborn car manufacturer founded by Andrea Levy. It is a single-seater that will be produced in just seven specimens, each at a cost of seven million euros and which will be delivered starting from 2025. Even if the car does not physically exist yet, it is the result of collaboration with Dallara for all those who it’s about engineering, with Gibson Technology (the sole engine supplier for the LMP2 prototypes) for the engine and with Umberto Palermo Design for the styling. Sparco, on the other hand, will take care of seats, belts and everything related to safety, as well as supplying a customized racing kit for the owner.

The technical data sheet provides for a FIA approved carbon monocoque, a sophisticated aerodynamic developed by Dallara which generates 2,100 kg of downforce at a maximum speed of 370 km/h and allows lateral accelerations of up to 4g, almost like a Formula 1. The overall weight is 900 kg while the engine is a 4.5-litre naturally aspirated V8 that develops 730 HP at 9,000 rpm and is powered by synthetic fuels, reducing CO2 emissions by 65%. In any case, the 777 Hypercar was not designed to compete, but to offer wealthy enthusiasts a very high performance supercar for exclusive use on the track, inspired by endurance models but developed without having to comply with technical regulations.

The lap time which, according to the simulations, the 777 Hypercar would be able to detach at the Monza racetrack, where it was presented, is 1 minute and 33 seconds, i.e. about 12 seconds more than that of a Formula 1. With the seven million euros, in any case, you not only buy the car but also entry into an elite club that provides dedicated technical and physical preparation training to withstand the incredible lateral acceleration. Furthermore, the seven specimens of the 777 hypercar will always be kept by the manufacturer in the home of 777 Motors, i.e. the Monza circuit, where the owners will be able to take to the track whenever they want and take part in the tailor-made events organized for them during the year.

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