“A race with the equivalent of about five liters of fuel”, De Vries, outgoing Formula E champion, talks about the future

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Motorsport fans look to Max Verstappen, who challenges Lewis Hamilton in Formula 1, but the first Dutchman to win an FIA world championship was Nyck De Vries, who won in Formula E in 2021. 24 years old, the second will be 27 in February and in the eighth season of the electric circuit he will again be among the protagonists at the wheel of one of the two zero-emission Silver Arrows. He is also among the “actors” of the “Formula E Unplugged” series, fifteen episodes that tell the story of the last championship, revealing the background of the competition. Fifteen episodes, that is how many there have been races and three more than the stables, which are 12. Each episode lasts about a quarter of an hour and will be available starting November 22 on the You Tube channel of the review.

“It is a format similar to that of F2 – smiles de Vries, who won that championship in 2019 – and I find it interesting for fans, who can see what happens behind the scenes and the preparation work there is. before a race “.

The name of the Dutch driver was among those indicated for the category jump: he seemed destined for Formula 1, but in the end nothing was done. “In 2022 it will not happen for sure – he confirmed in a video call from the Principality of Monaco – but I am honored that I was taken into consideration. It is difficult to influence these things: I have to do what I know behind the wheel and on the track. The rest is not up to me ”.

In a few days in Valencia, official tests are scheduled to anticipate the new season of Formula E, the most intense in the young history of the circuit: 16 races, one of which in Italy, also in Rome, on April 9, and with the news of Vancouver, Jakarta and Seoul. In addition to the calendar, the organization has also intervened on the regulation, modifying the setting of the qualifications, which until now forced the top of the standings to compete in the most difficult conditions. From 2022 the drivers will be divided into two groups and whoever is in front will be less penalized.

“The nature of Formula E is different from that of Formula 1 – says De Vries – and there will never be just two drivers and only two teams fighting for the title. In this championship we have the same cars, the same batteries and the same tires. Let’s say that with the new rules there will be a rebalancing “.

Two manufacturers, Audi and BMW, have already left and Mercedes will abandon Formula E at the end of the season because it no longer guarantees sufficient innovative potential: do you think it should change?
“I’m a pilot and I don’t like getting involved in political reasoning. But I have my own idea, yes “.

And would that be?
“On the one hand there is the need to spread a new philosophy on mobility and make people understand how efficient electric motors and inverters are, on the other hand to showcase what a manufacturer can do”.

“There are both things and it seems to me that Formula E represents a valid balance between different needs. Let’s not forget that we run an entire race (45 minutes plus one lap, ed) with the equivalent of about five liters of fuel. It means that the real challenge is on the batteries, because everything depends on their capacity: the ones we use are 52 kHw and they charge in about an hour “.

Which circuit do you like best?
“Diriyah, in Saudi Arabia. And I’m not saying this because we did very well there, but because he’s the fastest ”.

What do you think of the one in Rome?
“It is the ideal example of what the organization had in mind when it focused on city races. It is a great track with practically all types of surfaces ”.

In Montecarlo you followed the same path as Formula 1: a particular emotion?
“Racing in Monaco is always special, but not because of Formula 1. I think it’s not fair to compare the two series, they are different”.

Would you like to see someone special in Formula E?
“Yes, I would like to welcome young talents”.

Is there anyone in particular who fears next season?
“We are all starting from scratch. There are great drivers and great teams. We have to focus our efforts on our team. Each new championship is full of opportunities “.

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