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If in the last five years the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio has populated the dreams of many enthusiasts, its place is destined to be taken by the new Giulia GTA and GTAm, which were developed starting from the Quadrifoglio but are even more extreme. La Casa del Biscione has brought to new life a glorious abbreviation of the past, where “A” stands for “Alleggerita”, which was last used
at the beginning of the 2000s with the 156 and 147 GTAs powered by the legendary V6 “Busso” in a configuration of 3.2 liters and 250 HP. But if those were sports versions of normal cars, with the new Giulia GTA and GTAm we find ourselves in the presence of real supercars, as suggested by the price closer to 200,000 euros than 150,000. Furthermore, to add a touch of exclusivity and make the two cars even more special, Alfa Romeo has decided to produce them in a limited series: initially 500 cars for Europe, but in the near future others will almost certainly be assembled for some extra markets. Europeans.

If you are thinking of buying one, know that it is too late, because all the European production has already been assigned. Probably, given the fate that seems to await the internal combustion engine especially in the Old Continent, many collectors have thought that this will be the last Alfa Romeo of this type and wanted to secure it. After having driven it in both variants, both on the road and on the track, we can only agree with him. These GTAs are special cars and you can tell from the first glance that it falls on the widened carriageways, 2.5 cm at the front and 5 cm at the rear.


The aerodynamic aesthetic kit renounces any understatement, the ground clearance is the minimum possible for road use and the 20-inch single-nut wheels – it is the first sedan ever to fit them – have an equivocal racing flavor.
The interior also leaves no room for doubt, especially in the GTAm which even renounces the rear seats, has an integrated semi roll-bar, the fire extinguisher, the adjustable fixed rear wing and the bucket seats with carbon shell and belts. six-point safety integrated.

The almost integral Alcantara upholstery also contributes to the racing flavor of the passenger compartment, as well as contributing to lightness and preventing reflections from the dashboard on the windscreen. Then when it starts up, the Akrapovic exhaust removes any residual doubts about the nature of these Giulia and their transformation from Quadrifoglio into GTA.

A process that did not bring herds of horses – there are 540 instead of 510 – but a lightening that can reach 100 kg depending on the set-up (the GTAm even has the rear windows and the rear window in polycarbonate) and a painstaking refinement of aerodynamics ( developed in the wind tunnel of Sauber Engineering which is a partner in Formula 1), suspension and set-up, starting with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. They are semi-slick tires approved for road use, which guarantee a great plus of grip, especially in dry conditions.

For lovers of numbers, on the Balocco track – where it was
developed the 1965 Giulia GTA and where today’s ones have been refined – the GTA spins 3 seconds faster than the Quadrifoglio and the GTAm takes away another second.

Driving the new sedan of the Biscione on the Piedmont hills, the relative softness of the structure immediately amazes, which is not one of those that break teeth, but also thanks to the electronic adjustment, in the less pushed mode it absorbs disconnections well. On the other hand, when the horses’ bridles can be released, the Giulia turns into a sharp weapon to carve the asphalt.


The steering is even more precise than that of the Quadrifoglio, roll and pitch are less while the traction is greater. In other words, the GTA and GTAm are faster, more communicative and fun in each
situations, while remaining communicative and easy to drive. In addition, the different adjustments of the DNA lever really change the character of the car and the electronics supplied by Bosch monitor any excesses, as long as you remain in Dynamic mode. In Race, however, all the responsibility lies with the rider.

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA and GTAm, the card

What is that: the two most racing and extreme versions of the Giulia,
produced in a limited series of 500 pieces

Dimensions: length 4.66 meters, width 1.92 m height 1.44 m, pitch 2.82 m

Trunk: 480 liters

Motor: 2.9 turbo petrol, 6 V 90 cylinders, maximum power 540 HP, maximum torque 600 Nm

Exchange: 8-speed automatic with torque converter

Traction: rear

Benefits: performance, design, braking, driving position

Defects: high price

Production: Cassino, Italy

Prices: The Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA costs 175,000 euros, while the GTAm costs 180,000 euros.

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