Alfa Romeo turns 111, Imparato: “This brand is the history of Italy”

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June 24 is always a party at Alfa Romeo. But the 111th birthday gave special emotions: four days of celebrations (with the involvement of clubs and private Alfisti), a parade on the internal track of Arese, special installations at the Biscione Museum, even a “celebratory” livery for the GP F1 team from Styria. Above all, the delivery to the first buyers of the Giulia GTA and GTAm, very sporty jewels (with prices from 175 and 180 thousand euros and production limited to 500 units) which today represent the top of Alfa Romeo technology and quality with the 540 HP of their 2.9 engine. V6 biturbo and supercar performance.

It was the global head of the brand, Jean-Philippe Imparato, who personally delivered the new cars in an atmosphere suspended between the glorious past (the fantastic models on display at the Museum) and an ambitious future in part to be rewritten.

The French manager to whom Carlos Tavares has entrusted the rebirth of Alfa in the Stellantis group has clear ideas. And he is a true enthusiast: “For forty years I have been waiting for this moment, we have gathered here the entire Alfa eco-system, there are the models, the customers, the clubs, the history that I really understood only after visiting the museum. , as soon as they named me in February Alfa Romeo is a work of art, not a car, it is the history of Italy, a global brand that must look with confidence to Europe but also to the United States and Asia. I know the pride of the Alfisti: never before in my career have I seen 200 such passionate clubs, including 50 in the USA “.

However, it is difficult to win the challenge with only two models in the range. “In June 2022 – continued Imparato – we will have the Tonale compact SUV on the market. We delayed the launch for a few months to carefully take care of the plug-in hybrid electrification, now indispensable on every new model. And then I wanted absolute certainty about quality, in fact, in July I organized a convention with all the suppliers to always aim for the top. Every Alfa must live up to these fantastic GTAs “.

After the Tonale, another SUV is expected in the second half of 2023, up to now called Brenner but which could change its name. “I have not yet decided whether to continue with the names or perhaps return to traditional numbers. We will see. We have to make a plan in ten years also on the naming of the next cars. And then expand the product plan, which so far is oriented towards 2026, we will invent ourselves something”.

Audi has already announced that it will only launch electric models from 2026. And Alfa Romeo? Still Learned: “We must also carefully evaluate the full-electric, the world is changing rapidly”. In the meantime, from 1 July a new designer will arrive (from Seat), the Spanish Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos. “He has an interesting career and is crazy for Alfa. He has done good things, even on the Cupra brand, he has an international horizon and will bring a breath of fresh air. He will have to start inspired by this museum, he will help us make a important leap “.

And Formula 1? Does it still make sense to invest a lot? “I like battle – concludes the manager – and also make tough decisions, as I have always done in Peugeot. F1 costs but is also an advanced laboratory for electrification. The important thing is that the return is proportional to the investment. . Now, however, I have a priority: Alfa is a fantastic emblem of Made in Italy and it will be more and more. I am thinking of Cassino and Pomigliano, of Giulia, Stelvio and Tonale: we must respect the culture of the brand, our cars will always continue to be produced in Italy because it is a guarantee “.

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