Also in 2022 the Italian two-wheeler market continues to grow

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While the four wheels are increasingly in crisis, the sales of motorcycles and scooters continue to grow and 2022 closes with a positive sign. After the positive series that began in October, the month of December also recorded a +4.55% compared to the same month in 2021 in the registrations of mopeds, scooters and motorcycles, which totaled 9,200 units. Thus, thanks to this data, 2022 closes on a positive note, with a +0.95% on an already solid 2021 (+21.2% on 2020). Specifically, over 2,700 more vehicles hit the road than the previous year.

“It is important to underline that without some supply problems, which have slowed down the offer in the most important months, especially in the scooter segment, we would be faced with even more encouraging numbers. This confirms that the demand is very significant and how much the role of two wheels in mobility is now central” commented the president of ANCMA Paolo Magri who then, speaking of 2023, underlined the need to “protect the reference industry with the its supply chain, at such an interesting time for the market, by continuing to supply the most effective instruments in a subsidiary way to deal with the cost of energy and raw materials, which today represent a central problem for businesses, above all in relation to the prevailing size of our companies”.

Going back to the Italian market, seven months of negative value were recorded during the year. Nonetheless, the year was closed in substantial parity with 2021: +0.95% and 291,661 vehicles sold. Scooters, which had lost more than 13,000 units between February and September, are only partially able to recover ground, stopping at 143,845 vehicles, corresponding to a drop of 4.84%. On the other hand, the performance of motorcycles was very good, closing with 126,571 units and an increase of 6.35%. Finally, as regards mopeds, the year closed with a growth of 13.3%, equal to 21,245 vehicles.

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