An electric Mini challenges a train of the Rome Metro, who will arrive first at the finish line?

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In the second stage of the Formula E championship, scheduled for Rome on the weekend of 10 and 11 April, MINI becomes the protagonist of the automotive world championship with the MINI Electric Pacesetter. The model, in fact, inspired by John Cooper Works, from this race will officially take to the track with the role of Safety Car for the entire 2021 season. An electric car, in dull silver color, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100km / h in just 6.7 seconds, which will be ready to intervene whenever the competition requires it. At the wheel, there will be Bruno Correia, born in 1977, who, since 2014, has held the position of official driver of the FIA ​​Formula E Safety Car. A track debut for the MINI Electric Pacesetter which takes place a few days after its first lap through the streets of Rome. The new Formula E Safety Car, in fact, has already taken to the streets to take on a challenge as unusual as it is particular: to compete against another of the best performing electric vehicles in the city, the Metro. An exciting comparison, told in an adrenaline-pumping clip, between two completely different vehicles but united by one great feature: both powered by electricity. Who will have reached the finish line first? The test involved Charlie Cooper, a member of the founding family of John Cooper Works and grandson of John Cooper, and Bruno Correia himself, for the occasion on board the train of the Roman underground.

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