At 15 he drives an uninsured SUV, escapes from the traffic police and crashes. Fine of 7500 euros, the parents reported

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BERGAMO. He stole the SUV from his parents and started hurtling through the center of Romano di Lombardia, in the province of Bergamo: when the local police intercepted him, he attempted to escape, even reaching 150 kilometers per hour until he crashed into another vehicle and make it overturn. Driving him, unharmed, was a 15-year-old boy who had taken the SUV from his parents without them realizing it. The car was also uninsured.

The local police released the video of the chase: they look like scenes from a film, between risky overtaking and dangerous manoeuvres. The 15-year-old was fined 7,500 euros, while his parents were reported for failing to supervise a minor. The SUV was seized instead.

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