At CES in Las Vegas, the Italy of cars is that of style

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At the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, the Italy of the automotive industry is above all that of style as confirmed by the presence of Pininfarina, moreover 76% owned by the Indians of Mahindra & Mahindra, of Italdesign, which is part of the Volkswagen group , and of Roberto Piatti’s Torino Design.

The Piedmont of the Italdesign capsule transport project also involves Giovanni Blandina’s Easyrain and the Turin Polytechnic. The concept is called Climb-E and, as the name suggests, is also intended for vertical mobility. The idea, to simplify, is that even before moving, people have their own spaces, which Italdesign imagines for the moment as 4-seater modules almost 4 meters long and 218 centimeters high. When they are stationary they can become spaces that can be used as offices or rooms used for the most diverse uses (from show cooking to massages, from health visits to dental care) but when they move they are cockpits. The ownership of the capsules is “private”, while the skids, the electric platforms to which they are hooked up for travel, are shared. Each trip must be booked, but thanks to the special freight elevators of the German Schindler (another company involved in the visionary project), those interested do not have to move, because all movements take place independently. On the road, the skids are capable of traveling with zero emissions up to a maximum speed of 120 hours per hour. The declared range is 320 kilometers with a power of 80 kW thanks to the four units positioned on the two axles (one per wheel). Climb-E is the evolution of sustainable urban mobility, which for Italdesign will no longer be about “proximity” but about “continuity”. In practice, for example, from home to the office (even on the twentieth floor) without ever moving from where you are.

Holon, the electric mover designed by Pininfarina for the start-up of Benteler Automotive, a subsidiary of the German company of the Benteler family (which however registered it in Austria), is a shuttle without a driver in which “every detail is designed to make passengers feel more comfortable and safer than any other mode of transport”, summarizes Silvio Pietro Angori, CEO of Pininfarina. It is a means designed to provide answers to the growing demand for personalized mobility of the future. The hypothesis is that it could also be used for scheduled public services, but its characteristics seem functional for those “on request” such as ride pooling or raid hailing. The shuttle can accommodate up to 15 people: it is 4.8 meters long, 2.3 wide and 2.8 high. It can travel up to 60 per hour and has a maximum range of 290 kilometers. It has electric double-wing doors with photoelectric sensors, automatic ramp with lowering function, automatic wheelchair fastening, information in Braille and audio-visual guidance: the Holon aims to be an absolutely inclusive mover. The start-up has anticipated that it will test it in Hamburg, Germany, together with the city’s largest transport company, the Hochbahn, and that the start of series production is planned for the end of 2025 in the United States. This operation also involves other subjects, such as the Israeli Mobileye and the American Cognizant Mobility.

The Nevada event was a new catwalk for the cars designed by Roberto Piatti’s Torino Design, which the ambitious Vietnamese VinFast is taking to the big motor shows: the last time it was in Los Angeles, in the autumn. At the CES in Las Vegas, it formalized the characteristics of the VF6 and VF7 electric models, which will have a range of between 390 and 430 kilometres.

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