At the Consumer Electronic Show 2023 Bosch focuses on sensors

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The Bosch Consumer Electronic Show 2023 is dedicated to sensors that are now fundamental in every sector, as they allow cars, e-bikes, smartphones, fitness trackers and headphones to perceive the surrounding environment. This is why Bosch develops and produces smart sensors which on the one hand increase safety and comfort and on the other hand become more and more efficient. The German company is a pioneer and market leader in micro-electromechanical sensors (MEMS) which are among the most widely used in different sectors “We started production of MEMS sensors in 1995 and in the last five years we have produced as many as than all previous years,” said Tanja Rückert, member of the Bosch Board of Management, at CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

Bosch has produced more than 18 billion MEMS sensors since 1995, and today there are an average of twenty-two in a car. Furthermore, an annual global increase in the production of these sensors is expected for 2027 which, from 33.5 billion today, will reach approximately 49 billion units. For this reason, Bosch expects a significant increase in its production at the factories in Dresden and Reutlingen; three billion euros will be invested in the semiconductor business by 2026. “With the help of sensors we can take the technology for life to a new level. They not only improve people’s quality of life, but also reduce the environmental impact of the smart technology we use every day,” added Rückert.

At CES 2023, Bosch showcased many sensor-based mobility innovations, including RideCare which will increase passenger safety in connected and autonomous mobility. It consists of a camera, a wireless SOS button and cloud-based data services. Drivers can use it to contact operators in the event of an accident or a dangerous situation: the operator can see inside the passenger compartment via video camera and request assistance. At CES 2023, Bosch also unveiled a sensor-based (all-weather) external microphone that allows autonomous vehicles to recognize audible signals and voice commands. For example, it can detect the direction from which an ambulance siren is coming and initiate the appropriate driving manoeuvre.

Finally Rückert underlined that “For the future of our planet it is essential that we all commit ourselves to adopting increasingly efficient lifestyles in terms of energy consumption. Climate change is also driving technological progress in our company, even for sensors”. So at CES 2023 Bosch also launched the next generation of MEMS sensors, which are more precise, more robust and consume less power. The AI-enabled BHI360/BHI380 inertial sensor, which adapts to the wearer’s movements, is half as small and half as power-consuming as its predecessor. The same goes for the new BMV080 sensor, which measures the concentration of fine particles and pollution in the air: it is up to 450 times smaller than products currently on the market.

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