At the Los Angeles Motor Show there is Barbie’s car developed on the 500e (and Mattel shares fly on the stock market)

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Glittered bodywork, doors like swan wings, star-shaped headlights and a candy pink interior. Indeed, pink Barbie, since the car we are talking about was unveiled at the Los Angeles Motor Show by Mattel and presented just like Barbie’s car.

The car in question is the concept of a two-seater developed on the basis of an electric Fiat 500. Mattel created it to promote the release of the Barbie Extra model car, which follows in all respects the car on display at the Los Angeles Motor Show and which costs just under $ 30. The transformation took 10 weeks of work, and to do so the company started from the CAD files of the toy model and arrived at the full-scale concept.

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Some elements, such as the rainbow rim wheels, were 3D printed and hand painted, others made with more traditional techniques. And Mattel, in addition to modifying the bodywork and interior (pink plush headrest above all), also took care of the engine: under the body of the Extra Car there is the electric version of the small Turin that arrived in the US in 2013: 113 HP of power. and 199 Nm of torque, with a declared range of 160 km.

© 2021 Mattel

Mattel pointed out that this is a promotional gimmick, of course, but the car has been a huge success and a lot of interest. So much so that in the hours following the presentation of the car, Mattel’s quotations on the stock exchange rose after a period of sharp decline, making the company go back to “green”.

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