Audi e-tron GT: the grand tourer is 100% electric

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It is difficult to remain indifferent to the latest addition to Audi, the new e-tron GT: its sporty and slender four-door coupé lines conceal mechanics capable of extremely high performance and zero exhaust emissions. A mix of design and advanced technology, which finds little comparison in the current automotive scene, if not in the parts of Zuffenhausen, where the Porsche Taycan cousin comes from.

The two cars share the chassis and technology base. In the words of the parent company, the e-Tron is “an Audi that the world has never seen before”. And, probably, also one of the most beautiful ever in the history of the manufacturer of the four rings. Not to mention that the electric mechanics – which has different cooling needs than those of a thermal car, and is not obliged to have an open front grille to “breathe” the classic radiator presented by thermal models – ensures a coefficient of very favorable aerodynamic penetration, equal to 0.24 (in speed, the vertical load on the tail is regulated by a retractable spoiler).

4.99 meters long, 1.96 wide and 1.41 high, the car offers a rear luggage compartment of 405 liters, plus a front compartment to cram charging cables. Inside, the instrumentation is slightly driver-oriented: it is based on a 12-inch digital dashboard and the 10-inch infotainment touchscreen, equipped with voice commands. The driver’s seat is located at the bottom, to give the driver more crystalline driving sensations. The passenger compartment, with attention to the smallest details, includes a good percentage of recycled materials, confirming the green spirit of the vehicle.

The model will arrive in dealerships next spring, in two versions: the e-tron GT quattro and the RS e-tron GT. The power of the electric motors, one per axle, is 350 kW (476 Hp and 630 Nm of torque) or 440 kW (598 Hp and 830 Nm; but during starts with the launch function, the control cavalry rises to 646 hp. for 2.5 seconds): so that the most powerful edition devours the 0-100 in just 3.3 seconds and reaches 250 hours (4.1 and 245 hours for the “less powerful” model), being able to count on four wheels motor vehicles. While the Wltp approved autonomy is around 488 km, thanks to the battery with a net capacity of 86 kWh: its 800 volt technology allows charging with power up to 270 kW (at this charging speed, 5 minutes are enough to recharge 100 km of autonomy).

And there is no shortage of goodies such as the four-wheel steering – which optimize agility or stability depending on the driving speed – air suspension and rear differential lock function. Driving dynamics are favored by a low center of gravity, which benefits from the battery pack installed on the floor of the car, between the two axles. For those who are not satisfied with the standard braking power, as an option there are carbon-ceramic discs, designed to be tireless in the sportiest use.

The sound of the powertrain? There is that too, albeit artificially reproduced through the stereo speakers. The driving assistance equipment is at the highest level, including the latest in active and passive safety: from the recognition of road signs, to automatic emergency braking, passing through adaptive cruise control. Prices and availability for Italy remain to be defined (in Germany, however, it starts from just under 100 thousand euros).

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