Audi Q5 Sportback, the proof: the taste of a different “finish”

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The Audi Q5 doubles and becomes Sportback, according to the same recipe already applied to the smaller Q3 and the large electric e-tron. In the large range of crossovers with the four rings on the bonnet, there are now three models to have the double silohuette, since the Q8 has a name of its own, despite being a coupé-style derivation from the Q7. Now the medium SUV from Ingolstadt, which is also the best-selling Audi in the world, can be chosen in two bodies that differ only by 8 millimeters in length: one classic, the other with a sloping roof, steeply sloping rear pillars and the spoiler just mentioned. All this does not affect the load capacity, which compared to the Q5 is less than 40 liters, dropping from 550 to 510. If you are wondering why this “couple” strategy, think that in Italy one out of two new Audi is an SUV and that the central segments of the market – B, C and D – are the most aggressive, where even the nuances can make a difference.

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But which will be the favorite among the Q5e? On the Italian market, the percentages should be substantially in balance, with the Sportback preferred mostly by private customers and the other by business customers. Apart from the aesthetic differences, the first has a more dynamic character, as demonstrated by two key features that are always standard: the variable power assistance and reduction gear steering and the sports suspension. A pair of components that together make the Audi Q5 Sportback more fun to drive than the standard Q5. To recognize one Q5 from the other, however, it is necessary to observe them from the back or at least three-quarters, unless you are equipped with a large photographic memory, since only a small part of the air intakes located at the sides of the single frame. Inside, however, there is a lot of space, especially thanks to the 2.82 meter wheelbase. At the center of the dashboard is the large 10.1-inch display of the third-generation MMI touch infotainment system which is much smoother and faster than the previous one.

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As for the engines, the most classic choice – according to Audi will be made by 81% of customers – is the 2.0 TDI with 204 HP and 400 Nm with the 12 Volt mild hybrid system that supports start / stop can up to 22 km / h and allows the speed when the gas is released at a constant speed. The 4-cylinder turbodiesel is combined with the 7-speed S tronic double clutch transmission and all-wheel drive. The alternative choice is instead the plug-in hybrid, which should represent 17% of purchases and which is declined on two power levels: 299 hp for the 50 TFSI and 367 hp for the 55 TFSI e. It is worth noting that between the two versions not even a screw changes, but it is only the different electronic adjustment of the powertrain that determines the variation in power. The system consists of a petrol engine and an electric one, the latter powered by a 17.9 kWh lithium battery, which is recharged in two and a half hours and with which you travel up to 62 km in full mode electric. All without giving up all-wheel drive and 7-speed double clutch gearbox.

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It is the driver who decides how to exploit the plus of electric energy, whether to consume very little in hybrid mode (as long as the charge does not end, at that point the consumption is worse than the Diesel), or whether to turn off the thermal engine, perhaps to enter a restricted access area. You don’t pay for the super stamp, because the electric power is not valid for tax purposes and the performances are not lacking, given that you reach 239 km / h and to shoot from a standstill at 100 km / h it takes just 6.1 or 5.3 seconds. These are numbers that are easily experienced, given that the peak torque of 450 or 500 Nm reaches only 1,250 rpm. But the Q5 Sportback is not only satisfying on the straight, because between the curves you can appreciate the composure given by the sporty set-up and the fairly direct steering response. The grip is great, as is the road holding. Roll and pitch are also quite contained.

Simon Palfrader

Audi Q5 Sportback, the card

What is that: the restyling of the second generation of the Q5, declined in the SUV-coupé version

Dimensions: length 4.69 meters, width 1.89 m height 1.66 m, pitch 2.82 m

Trunk: 510 liters

Motor: plug-in hybrid powertrain, 2.0 TFSI + electric motor. System power 299 or 367 hp

Exchange: automatic, 7-speed double clutch

Traction: whole wheat

Benefits: comfort, on-board technology, space, driving pleasure

Defects: price, standard equipment to be integrated

Production: San José Chiapa, Puebla, Mexico

Prices: The price list of the Q5 Sportback starts at € 54,250 for the 163 bhp Diesel, to go up to € 56,950 for the 204 bhp one. For plug-ins, on the other hand, it goes up to 62,750 and 74,100 euros.

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