Audi urbansphere concept, the ultra-luxury electric shuttle of the near future

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It had to be presented at the Beijing Motor Show which was then canceled due to Covid-19 and so the Audi urbansphere concept for now is only shown in digital format, waiting to be seen in real life on another occasion. This is the third of the three show cars in the “sphere” series – skysphere and grandsphere the other two – which show what Audi believes will be the mobility of the near future in the luxury segment.

Consider the size of five and a half meters, not in Europe and in fact this Audi is inspired by the needs of Chinese megacities, where personal space is a limited resource. The shapes are those of the minivan, an absolute novelty for the Four Rings, which have never had such a car in the range, since the Q7 is still an SUV.

Thus, this is a kind of small revolution in the Audi house, also because for the first time the design was thought first for the interior and then for the exterior (this is where the definition sphere comes from, understood as the living space around to passengers). Not only that, for the first time potential Chinese customers were involved, who contributed through their wishes and experiences.

Thus the car looks like a lounge called to become a third living space during the hours spent in traffic, with refined finishes and hi-tech solutions, so much so that thanks to Level 4 autonomous driving, the passenger compartment is without a steering wheel. pedal board and display. The measurements are also very generous: in addition to the aforementioned length, there are a width of 2.01 meters and a height of 1.78 meters, with a wheelbase of 3.4 meters.

However, the passenger compartment is not designed according to the need to cram as many seats, storage compartments and functional elements as possible into a limited volume, but is geared towards the passengers’ need to have extraordinarily large space available. So there are only four seats and guarantee a record-breaking comfort, with the possibility of being reclined up to 60 ° and giving each passenger a personalized experience.

In addition, the on-board digital ecosystem allows passengers to enjoy high-level entertainment experiences. Speaking of technique, on the other hand, the integral steering and the active predictive management of the suspension stand out. The propulsion, of course, is electric with all-wheel drive. The maximum power is 401 CV (690 Nm = and the autonomy exceeds the 750 km WLTP approved.

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