Auto market, in August it grows by 9.9%

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The first “+” sign after 13 months of consecutive declines: in August the Italian car market starts to grow again. Compared to the same month last year, registrations increased by 9.9% to 71,190 in total. Although August 2021 was not particularly lucky, recording a decline of 27%, to 64,767 units.
The balance sheet of 2022 is however to be forgotten, at least for the moment: in eight months the total registrations were 865,044, over 195,000 fewer than in 2021; a fall of 18.4%.
After the launch of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 4 August, the President of Unrae Michele Crisci reiterates “the satisfaction of the Association for the inclusion of legal entities among the beneficiaries of the incentives for low-emission vehicles, albeit inexplicably limited to the channel of rental, considering it unfounded to distinguish on the basis of the procurement method and therefore excluding, in the final text of the Prime Minister’s Decree, those who purchase cash or lease “.
“Now, however – adds Crisci – we hope for the maximum acceleration of the procedures envisaged for the full operation of the provision, given the approaching deadline of 31 December as the deadline for enjoying the benefit”.
In terms of fuel supplies, the petrol engine is confirmed to grow, covering 26.7% of the share in the month (27.8% in 8 months), while diesel – down – drops to 18.2% of preferences (20.5% in January-August). LPG also confirmed its decline, at 8.7% share, fairly in line with the 8.5% of the cumulative. The collapse of methane leads it to just 0.5% of the market (1% in the cumulative). “Despite the incentives, there is a new downsizing of the share for plug-in and electric cars, respectively to 3.8% (the minimum since February 2021) and 3.2% share in August (5.2% and 3 , 5% in 8 months). On the other hand, the dynamic growth of hybrids continues, reaching a 39% share (33.5% in January-August); with 8.6% for “full” hybrids and 30.4% for “mild” hybrids ”, reads an official note from UNRAE.
According to Gian Primo Quagliano, president of the Centro Studi Promotor, the prognosis for the Italian car market remains “confidential”: “The recovery is not yet in sight. All the factors that produced the supply and demand crisis remain operational and a new threat looms. The car price lists have so far undergone moderate adjustments and the shortage of product has almost eliminated the discounts that dealers normally granted and now there is the possibility of significant increases in the car price lists linked to the impact of the energy crisis on production costs “.

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