Auto market, new drop of -35.7% in October

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There is no mention of improving the crisis affecting the car market, which has now become structural: 101,015 registrations were registered in October, with a decrease of 35.7% compared to 157,188 in October 2020. In the first ten months of the year Almost 360,000 cars were lost compared to the same period in 2019 – with 1,266,629 registrations, 22% less -, before Covid-19. Blame the aftermath of the pandemic and the persistent shortage of electronic components that continues to severely slow down the flow of deliveries. For 2021, a final calculation of about 1.5 million registrations is expected, 417 thousand less than in 2019: a decrease of 21.7%.

“We will never tire of repeating that the incentives for the Ecobonus must be refinanced following a long-term strategy”, says Michele Crisci, President of UNRAE (the association of representatives of foreign companies): “What must guide the choices it is a logic based on transition, on the path of decarbonization and on the modernization of the fleet in circulation. We have to learn from facts and experience, there is no need for ‘stop & go’ interventions “.

According to UNRAE estimates, in the absence of interventions, 2022 will close slightly above 2021, with approximately 1,600,000 registrations. “In this situation – affirms Michele Crisci – the absence of any measure for the automotive sector in the draft budget law is very disconcerting, despite some ministers and deputy ministers having ensured an imminent three-year support plan. We continue to count on the financial maneuver as a suitable instrument for a medium-term strategic intervention according to the three guidelines indicated by UNRAE: Ecobonus refinancing; tax review, in particular for the company car category; a plan for the widespread and homogeneous development of recharging infrastructures throughout the territory, with high-power stations on the motorways “.

Now the good news: also thanks to the incentives, in October more than 1 car out of 3 among those registered is hybrid (35.2%); specifically, the “full” hybrids are worth 8.2% and the “mild” ones 27%. Plug-ins, or rechargeable ones, maintain a 5% share (4.5% in 10 months) and electric ones account for 7% of the total compared to 4.3% of the cumulative January-October. Petrol and diesel continue their downward path, respectively at 25.8% and 18% of share (30.2% and 23% in the cumulative), LPG rose to 7.7% in the month (7.1% in the 10 months). Methane drops to a minimum, at 1.4%.

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