Because the children on board have to use seat belts, the crash test shows what happens without it from another perspective

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This crash test by the nonprofit Insurance Institute for Highway Safety demonstrates what happens to children without safety guards in a frontal crash. Approximately one third of children under 13 who died in accidents in the United States in 2019 were not in child seats or were wearing seat belts: this is more than 200 minors. When it comes to accidents, children are much safer than before. The rate of death from motor vehicle accidents per million children under the age of 13 has dropped to a quarter of the 1975 numbers. All infants and young children must be positioned in rearward facing seats until reach the height or weight limit reported by the manufacturers. The limit could be up to the age of 2 or more, afterwards they can switch seats and face forward until the adult seat belts fit properly.


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