Biancaneve by Dotto Creations, a unique motorcycle that comes from Turin

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Take a 1979 Honda CX500 and completely change its characteristics. This is what Gianluca Bartolini and Francesco Iannuzzi did when they created Snow White, the first product of the factory they founded, Dotto Creations. Bartolini and Iannuzzi are both designers and have been working in the automotive sector for almost twenty years, for companies such as Pininfarina, Italdesign and Volvo, but this time they have decided to start their own business. “What are the elements that make an object a motorcycle? Try to remove everything superfluous. What’s left? Two wheels, one engine and one way to drive it. Instead, our goal was to decide what was worth keeping and eliminate everything else, keeping the essence of what we want to communicate and doing it in the simplest way” say the creators of Snow White.

This bike was born in a laboratory a stone’s throw from Turin and will be produced in a limited series of just twenty pieces, each one different from the other. Each specimen will be tailored to the customer’s requests, who will be able to customize his Snow White down to the smallest detail. The starting Honda CX500 was disassembled piece by piece, brought to bare metal and restored – by shortening the frame – until the mechanics were restored to their original reliability and splendor. At the same time, a new dress was designed, which emphasizes a newly conceived man-motorcycle interaction. The “body in white” look contrasts with the black of the frame, rims, engine and two custom-crafted tailpipes designed by Dotto Creations.

The handmade saddle upholstered in Alcantara and leather with contrasting stitching is very particular: it is hidden in the rear tail that opens when you get on the bike. In both cases, in the static configuration with the saddle closed and dynamic with the saddle open, the stylistic result is remarkable. Even the fuel tank cap is hidden by a liftable bulkhead to maintain the harmonious style of the vehicle. Many details, then, are made from solid, while the steering plate is the original one but modified. The brake discs are made by Dotto Creations, as are the radiator, taillight and indicators. The price of Snow White varies according to the target market and taxation, as well as the content chosen by the customer. In any case, we are talking about 50,000 euros and the bike is supplied with a license plate holder, mirrors and silencer, to make it homologable as a one-of-a-kind model in every market.

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