Black September for the European car market: drops by 25%

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There is no respite for the European market of the year. After the pandemic of 2020, the square of the old continent is dealing with the disastrous consequences related to the shortage of semiconductors. In September there was a very heavy drop in registrations equal to 25%: according to data from Acea (the European association of car manufacturers) registrations in the area made up of the EU countries, EFTA and the United Kingdom were little more of 972 thousand. A setback so violent as to nullify the growth that had occurred in the first six months of the year (+ 27%) and in the January-August period (+ 12.7%). After September, however, it dropped to + 7% (equal to 9,161,918 vehicles registered) and it is not excluded that the market could contract in the coming months.

In September, all the main markets of the old continent lost their share: the United Kingdom recorded a -34.4%, followed by Italy (-32.7%), Germany (-25.7%), France (-20.5%) and Spain (-15.7%). If nothing else, with the exception of the German market (which loses 1.2%) in the first nine months of 2021, the other four major markets have a positive sign: Italy grew by + 20.6%, while Spain by 8.8%, France by 8% and the United Kingdom by 5.9%.

At 179,117 registrations, the Stellantis group is down by 30.4%. The Volkswagen group does not do better which, with 207,428 registrations, loses 29.7%. In free fall Daimler: 45.811 registrations and -48.1%. A little better BMW group, with 68,420 vehicles registered, and a decline of 24.4%. The Renault group is also bad, with 96,781 registrations, it loses 24.2%. Ford registers 42,350 vehicles and drops by 46.2%. The only ones who can be satisfied are those of the Hyundai group: 108,344 registrations and a staggering + 27%. Instead, the Toyota group loses 18% (66,113 registrations) and Nissan falls by 34.2% (23,755).

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