Blizz Primatist, the “made in Italy” electric single-seater has set 7 new world records

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The Blizz Primatist set seven world records for electric cars and did so last weekend on the high-speed circuit of the Nardò Technical Center. It is a single-seater that weighs about 500 kg – a value that changes depending on the configuration – has a 200 HP electric motor and a torpedo shape with a height of just 80 cm. A project born from the commitment of Gianmaria Aghem – entrepreneur from Moncalieri, passionate about cars and driver of historic vehicles – and carried out between Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta thanks to the Polytechnic of Turin, to the commitment of professionals with long experience in the automotive sector and in motorsport and to the support of companies such as Podium Engineering of Pont Sait Martin and Carbonteam of Saluzzo. All this without counting the collaboration of Eugenio Pagliano, who in the early nineties had designed the Bertone ZER, of which the Primatist integrates the forms.

It is powered by a 30 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which weighs approximately 200 kg. It is made up of 2,688 lithium-ion cells, previously selected and managed by an algorithm already tested in Formula 1. The frame is made of tubular steel, while the body is made of carbon fiber and boasts a Cx of 0.115.

To save weight, a thin adhesive film was used instead of the classic paint, while the suspension and transmission are built in light alloys. The electric motor weighs just 20kg, delivers more than 200hp and can propel the Blizz up to 300km / h. But its aim is not pure speed, but to demonstrate how far you can go with electricity, without recharging and without giving up a brilliant pace.

Coming to world records, Blizz Primatist has beaten four in Category VIII Class 1 up to 500 Kg (actual 499 Kg.) And three in Class 2 from 500 Kg to 1.000 Kg. “I’m really satisfied – Aghem commented – these records are the result of a great job and a great team, a wonderful adventure that began in 2016. Our goal was to demonstrate that a battery-powered car can travel long distances at speeds that were unimaginable a few years ago and I really believe that we have succeeded ” . Aghem explained to us that the project will have an evolution with an unprecedented hydrogen power supply and told us about the difficulties of getting into the very narrow cockpit of the Blizz Primatist “Thank goodness I don’t suffer from claustrophobia, otherwise I would never have been able to drive the car . Instead I had some problems with pollen during the last minutes of one of the attempts, but luckily everything went well ”.

Category VIII Class 1 up to 500 Kg (effective 499 Kg.)
10 miles in 04: 34.913 at an average speed of 210.743 Km / h
100 Km in 26: 07.160 at an average speed of 229.714 Km / h
100 miles in 41: 45.806 at an average speed of 231.208 km / h
In 1 hour traveled 225,197 Km
By adding the ballasts, in Category VIII Class 2 of 500 Kg a
1.000 Kg (actual 507 Kg.)
10 miles in 04: 14.671 at an average speed of 227.493 Km / h
100 Km in 24: 40.672 at an average speed of 243.132 Km / h
100 miles in 39: 45.395 at an average speed of 242.878 Km / h

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