BMW i Vision Circular Concept, the compact of tomorrow is 100% recyclable

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The BMW i Vision Circular Concept is a world premiere of the Bavarian manufacturer for the Munich Motor Show. How is? A sort of spaceship in the name of sustainability: it is built with 100% recyclable materials. The vehicles of the BMW group are produced using on average almost 30% of recycled and reused material: the goal is to quickly increase this percentage to 50%.

The prototype foreshadows a compact electric car for 2040, about four meters long, essential in shape but equipped with a spacious cabin, designed to accommodate four passengers. The manufacturer is also working on the “Neue Klasse” (aka New Class) architecture, which “will reach a much higher energy density than the current one, making very little use of the most precious resources,” said BMW CEO Oliver. Zipse: “It will be developed with the same mentality applied to the i Vision Circular”.

A prototype that, said Zipse, “illustrates BMW’s all-encompassing and meticulous way of thinking when it comes to sustainable mobility. It symbolizes the brand’s ambition to be a pioneering force in the development of a circular economy ”. Sustainability which must be a conceptual cornerstone already in the design phase.

“How companies manage CO2 emissions has become an important factor when it comes to judging corporate action. The decisive factor in the fight against global warming is how strongly we can improve the carbon footprint of vehicles over the entire life cycle. This is why we set ourselves transparent and ambitious objectives for the substantial reduction of CO2 emissions; these are validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative and will provide an effective and measurable contribution “, concluded Zipse:” With the future Neue Klasse we are significantly intensifying our commitment to climate control. “

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