BMW R 18, two custom “made in Italy” with a very different character

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Almost two years after its debut on the market, the BMW R 18 continues to be at the center of the attention of customizers from all over the world, in this case of the Italian ones, who took advantage of the stage of the Motor Bike Expo in Verona to present their latest works. Projects carried out in collaboration with the Italian branch of Elica and its dealer network. The R 18 M is a project developed by LowRide and was made by American Dream. The R 18 Aurora was created by Garage 221 with the support of BMW Motorrad Roma. In the first case, the idea was to give the Bavarian cruiser a more streamlined and sporty look, while avoiding exaggeration and above all without forgetting the reference to the retro lines of the BMW R 18. The work was focused in particular on the chassis on chassis, bodywork and accessories, leaving the mechanics and electronics unchanged.

The bike has been lightened and the saddle position changed – it is now more collected and forward loaded, but without exasperation – to make riding more fun. Then there are the short exhausts, which allow greater lean angles, and the uncovered nickel-plated cardan. To create the BMW R 18 M LowRide it involved some of the best Italian artisans together with specialized companies in the sector. The realization of the sketches was entrusted to Oberdan Bezzi and American Dreams oversaw the assembly and coordinated the works. The project of the BMW R 18 Aurora, on the other hand, has focused from the beginning on the study of the different sections of the bike, with the need to connect the new elements in a single harmony of lines, taking inspiration from the cruisers of the seventies.

The characterizing element of this custom are the wraparound mudguards adhering to the wheel, like a “batwing”, in such a way as to leave space and highlight the central area of ​​the bike. The saddle comes from a 2005 BMW 1200 C and the Batwing mounts derive from those of the arrows of a 1982 BMW R 100. The code of a 1983 BMW RT 100 was taken as a reference for the color of the bodywork, customizing the graphics . The supports of the front and rear fenders are completely handmade, as well as those of the saddle and the arm with the license plate holder. The exhausts were made in collaboration with Leo Vince, for an even more full-bodied and captivating sound. Finally, the final touch of class is the radiator grille inspired by the grille of BMW cars from the 1960s.

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