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The history of the BMW X1 is enriched with a new chapter. In fact, the model that made it more accessible to enter the world of high wheels of the German brand comes to the third generation. It is totally different from the previous one because it is bigger, more technological and, above all, with a family in which electrification is rampant. In short, it is a perfect example of the strategy that the Bavarian company follows to the point of also offering a full-electric version. However, the family also leaves room for the possibility of moving towards two endothermic versions, which are at the base of the range and are only front-wheel drive. The wide range detailed in the sheet accompanying this text is on sale at prices ranging from 39,700 to 61,150 euros.

The generational leap of the X1 is made well transmitted by the growth in size and body design, which when added together bring its appearance and size closer to those of the larger X3. The line is characterized by smooth surfaces that join softly, by the large vertical grille that gives the front an aggressive expression and by the ribs that furrow the sides that emphasize the SUV personality.

To the length that reaches 4.50 meters and the increase in width is also added the increase in the wheelbase that completes the dimensional upgrade of the X1, which has a positive effect on the width of the passenger compartment. The environment is furnished along the lines of that of the Active Tourer 2 series and transmits the generational change of the X1 both with the non-invasive furniture that rewards, in a single stroke, the practicality with many storage compartments and the availability of space for those who sit. at the rear both with a markedly hi-tech atmosphere. It is impressed by the large widescreen introduced by the BMWs of the electric “i” family. In this case it consists of the 10.25 ”configurable instrument display and the driver-oriented display of the 10.7” infotainment system.

Digitization is based on the 8.0 operating system which knocks out the knob used to manage the infotainment on many BMWs, allows you to activate many functions via voice commands, continuously connects the car and interacts wirelessly with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The hi-tech evolution of the X1 does not retire the functional rear seat with adjustable backrests which, on request, can slide 13 centimeters to modulate the space in favor of the passengers rather than the luggage compartment capacity.

We got acquainted with the new series by testing the 48 V xDrive 23d mild-hybrid with 211 hp and 400 Nm of torque, which is one of seven electrified versions in the range and which are only four-wheel drive. This X1 in the top of the MSport range which costs 53,750 euros – the others as for all the other versions are the base and the X-Line – moves easily in every situation, thanks also to the adaptive suspension as standard. In fact, it is always manageable, composed and comfortable, at least until the Sport configuration is used, with which the absorption of the roughness of the road is not always gradual. Regarding the driving modes, it should be added that the X1 brings the MyModes system to its debut, which also modifies the ambient lights of the passenger compartment and the digital graphics of the displays aiming to create atmospheres in tune with the temperament with which the car is expressing itself, but that reduce practicality because they hide what is present on the home page.

In general, the behavior of the X1 favors the direct feeling between the car and the driver even on paths full of curves and the driveability is also supported by the performance of the electrified powertrain, impressed by the promptness of response, fluid delivery and the ability to pull off a lively character when stressed, thanks to the contribution of the electric unit’s power in acceleration and when you want to pick up quickly.

BMW X1 xDrive 23d 48V

What is that: it is the third series of the most compact BMW SUV and respects the road map of the Bavarian house with an extended electrification range

Dimensions: length 4.50 meters, width 1.84, height 1.64, pitch 2.69 meters

Rivals: Audi Q3, Mercedes GLA, Range Rover Evoque, Volvo XC40

Engines: the only ones not electrified are the three-cylinder 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine with 136 hp and the 2-liter turbodiesel with 150 hp from the sDrive 18i and sDrive 18d with front-wheel drive. Instead, the three-cylinder with 170 hp of the sDrive 20i opens the ranks of the mild-hybrids at 48V, in which there are also the 2-liter petrol with 218 hp of the 23i and the turbodiesel with 163 hp and 211 hp of the 20d and 23d all with xDrive all-wheel drive. The offer of plug-ins rests on powertrains with 245 and 326 hp that push, respectively, the 25e and 30e all-wheel drive. All of these engines match the dual clutch transmission with seven gears. The iX1 xDrive 30 is powered by a twin-engine module that develops 313 hp.

Full speed: 225 km / h

Boot capacity: between 500 and 1,545 liters

Advantages: Driveability, performance, internal width

Defects: Ergonomics of some switches, Adas to be integrated

Production: Regensburg (Germany)

Prices: starting from 49,800 euros

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