Bridgestone, Arlanxeo and Solvay: maxi alliance for more sustainable tires

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New alliance in the world of tires to make the supply chain even more “green”. The partnership is formed by the Japanese giant Bridgestone, the Belgian group Solvay and Arlanxeo, a world producer of synthetic rubber, which have created Techsyn, a new technological platform for the latest generation of tires.

The new platform combines chemically optimized synthetic rubber with a “tailor-made” silica, in order to perfectly combine the molecules and thus obtain a double result: 30% more resistance to wear, and 6% less resistance rolling (compared to other Bridgestone EMIA4 summer products), with repercussions both on fuel costs and on CO2 emissions and on the deterioration of the tire itself. Which should not, therefore, be changed often.

The development of Techsyn began 2 years ago, and is the result of the close collaboration between the three companies, each of which has made its skills and knowledge available. The next step signed by Bridgestone will be the implementation of Techsyn for mass production, with an eye to various categories of tires and vehicles, another step that the Japanese giant is inserting in view of the green conversion set for 2050.

“We fundamentally believe that revolutionary innovation and the future of mobility cannot be achieved without collaboration – said Laurent Dartoux, CEO of Bridgestone – The partnership in which Techsyn is rooted has evolved to become one of the most unique we have ever had. joined, and through the development of environmentally oriented solutions like this we are making great progress in terms of sustainable mobility ».

«Techsyn allows better fuel economy and prevents tire wear at the same time, without compromising on performance – added Donald Chen, CEO of Arlanxeo – Consequently, tires made with Techsyn help reduce CO2 emissions. So this technology contributes significantly to the improvement of environmental aspects, which is at the heart of the vision of all three companies ».

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