BZ Compact Suv Concept, here is the future city-crossover by Toyota

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Not even the time to show the world the new Prius, which Toyota removes the veils from the bZ Compact SUV Concept, which anticipates a compact crossover of urban size with 100% electric traction (of which, however, no technical details have been provided). The family-feeling with the new Prius is evident: the two cars share a minimalist but non-trivial design, which winks at the reasons of aerodynamics.

“The reduced and tapered overhangs underline the highly technological spirit of the car, while the external dimensions of the passenger compartment, contained compared to the rest of the bodywork, give an agile look and low air resistance”, say the parent company. Furthermore, this concept uses sustainable materials with low environmental impact: in fact, the seats of the prototype are made from recycled and plant-based components.

Another gem is the on-board personal assistant, which allows the driver and passengers to interact with the car via audio signals or visual inputs generated by the ambient lights, responding to their requests or commands. The ultimate goal is to create an “environmental technology”, necessary to achieve the carbon neutrality targets to which Toyota aspires.

And that the manufacturer wants to hit by exploiting both electron powertrains and thermal and hybrid ones powered by alternative fuels. More information about the BZ Compact Suv Concept will be unveiled in December 2022.

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