Cadillac XT4, the proof: American luxury tailored for Europeans

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For European motorists, Cadillac has always been a brand known in theory but not in practice. American luxury brand par excellence and protagonist of thousands of Hollywood films, in the Old Continent the Cadillac belongs to an imaginary that ranges from Elvis to Ghostbusters, from mafia films to presidential cars. In the present, however, thanks to the industrial synergies of General Motors and the intricate mechanisms of globalization, Cadillac produces some models that are also attractive for Europe, although it does not import them directly into all individual markets. In Italy, for example, the Cavauto Group, the only authorized agent for Italian sales by Cadillac Europe, based in Switzerland, takes care of it. It is thanks to the Lombard company that we tried the XT4, certainly the most attractive product for the Italian market. It is part of the C-SUV segment, with 4.59 meters in length and a large availability of space on board.

The passenger compartment offers five seats that are quite comfortable, with the rear seat that guarantees an excellent volume for the legs and knees of the passengers, making it the largest in the category, with 1,004 mm available. The luggage compartment, on the other hand, has 637 liters of capacity. All this, as we said, with a car body that does not create hindrances in urban contexts. The style is original, with the front grille and the design of the front that are not likely to be confused with those of other models. A non-negligible feature in the vast universe of compact SUVs and in fact the XT4 is a choice that denotes the will to be original and stand out from the crowd. We tested the version with the two-liter turbo petrol engine, which joins the one powered by the 2.0 turbodiesel engine, designed in Turin, at the ex-GM Global Propulsion System. In essence, this is the same unit found under the hood of the Opel Insignia, with which the XT4 shares the E2XX platform, albeit with a different wheelbase.

Finding the relationship between the two cars is almost impossible, we need to focus on some details of the interior and the dashboard. In any case, this Cadillac is designed to meet the demands of a demanding target, certainly premium, but not approved for “mainstream” choices. The 2.0 turbo petrol engine has direct injection and the ability to deactivate a cylinder: it delivers 230 HP at 5,000 rpm and 350 Nm constant between 1,500 and 4,000 rpm. Numbers that suggest a great fluidity of operation that in fact we find in use on the road, where it can provide respectable performance, also thanks to the action of the 9-speed automatic gearbox with torque converter, which GM has developed together with Ford. . The traction is permanent four-wheel drive, but the driver can uncouple the rear axle increases the efficiency and in fact the ten kilometers with a liter are maintained without particular attention.

Cadillac Europe GmbH

The XT4 is pleasant to drive, has consistent and precise steering, supported by a set-up that is an excellent compromise between comfort and performance. What is surprising is the standard equipment, truly complete: 8 airbags, seats and dashboard completely covered in leather, electrically adjustable and heated seats, head-up display and tailgate with electronic hands-free opening. The infotainment has an 8-inch display and Wi-Fi connection for Android Auto that Apple Car Play. In the top-of-the-range set-up there are also the double panoramic glass with electric curtain, the ventilated front seats in perforated leather with massage function and the Bose system with thirteen diffusers. The suite of driving assistance systems is also excellently equipped and among all the warning for reversing, the rearview mirror with camera and finally the driver’s seat with safety alert that vibrates the lower part of the cushion to attract attention. , which is a Cadillac first.

Cadillac Europe GmbH

Cadillac XT4, the card

What is that: the new Cadillac C-SUV, based on General Motors’ E2XX platform
Dimensions: length 4.59 meters, width 1.88 m height 1.61 m, pitch 2.78 m
Trunk: 637 liters
Motor: 2-liter 4-cylinder turbo petrol, 230 HP and 350 Nm.
Exchange: automatic with 9-speed torque converter
Traction: whole wheat
Benefits: comfort, on-board technology, style, driveability
Defects: value retention, hybrid is missing
Production: Michigan, United States
Prices: The Cadillac XT4 price list starts at 42,010 euros

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