Camal Super ** GA, the “nomen omen” boat

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It remains to be seen whether its name or its design is more impactful: the reference is to the Super ** GA, a two-seater barchetta developed by Camal, a Turin design studio founded in 2008. Despite what those two asterisks would lead us to think , the name of the car actually pays homage to the Superga hill, where the Sassi-Superga, the historic uphill race, was staged.

The stylistic inspiration, on the other hand, is those of the American “hot roads” of the Sixties, with the technical base deriving from the Caterham Seven 485: which guarantees the vehicle a dry weight of just 600 kg. Which are driven by the 240 HP of power delivered by the 2-liter Duratec by Ford engine. The car rests on 20 ”wheels, which enhance its road presence, while to divert the air that hits the passenger compartment there is only a small, frameless and very inclined windshield.

A molded carbon panel acts as a front splitter, sill skirt and tail diffuser. Inside, a digitized dashboard stands out, with a multimedia system on the passenger side. The monocoque seats have leather cushions with a cushioning function. Made on request, the car will be produced on request at a price starting at around € 300,000, excluding taxes.

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