Car demolitions, a tracking platform and a “quality” badge

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A software to keep track of the life of vehicles, from when they leave the factory to demolition, certify correct disposal and encourage recovery is the recycling of components.

The idea comes from Cobat, a platform specialized in circular economy and disposal of special waste, which presented “Cobat Path”, a certified software born from the comparison between car manufacturers and car wreckers to ensure transparency, traceability and data security in vehicle management. at the end of life.

The idea began to take shape three years ago to meet the EU directive on end-of-life vehicles (classified as special waste), and is based on the collection, cataloging and processing of data to reduce the impact on the environment and generate an energy saving. The result is a free platform that is open to all that allows car manufacturers to have access to data relating to the vehicles they have placed on the market, and to car wreckers to enter the data and components of each incoming vehicle.

Each car demolition machine is subjected to triple checks to ensure that it has the necessary requirements to access the platform and enter data, which are essential to create a “virtuous circle” of circular economy capable of reducing the impact on the environment. Once all the data and numbers relating to the demolition have been checked – which must take place according to the EU director – an environmental quality seal is issued, signed by a third party, Certiquality, which guarantees the correctness of the disposal operations.

The data entered is processed and cataloged, and access allows you to consult reports, statistics and vehicle cards and to have immediate access to the warehouse, both for the individual vehicle and for the entire spare parts list.

To date, end-of-life vehicles are handicapped by the EU as special waste. According to Ispra data, in 2019 the category exceeded one and a half million tons of waste produced, and Italy is below what is required by Europe in terms of total vehicle recovery (84.2% compared to a EU target of 95%). Cobat’s goal is therefore to exploit technology to help Italy reach the target set by the EU with what has been renamed the “transparency operation”.

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