Car incentives 2023, they can be booked from 10 January

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The 2023 (eco) incentives for the purchase of low environmental impact cars will be bookable starting next January 10, when the dedicated telematic platform will be open through which dealers will be able to reserve the bonus for their customers. The State has allocated resources for 650 million euros a year until 2030: of these, in 2023, 575 million will be dedicated to the purchase of cars, 40 to the installation of domestic and condominium electric charging stations.

As usual, the size of the incentive depends on the environmental category of the vehicle being purchased: for cars with emissions from 0 to 20 g/km of CO2 – i.e. electric cars – the state bonus is €3,000, which becomes € 5,000 with the scrapping of a car with an emission class lower than Euro 5 (in the name of the purchaser of the new one or a cohabiting family member for at least one year). For cars with emissions between 21 and 60 g/km – plug-in hybrids, rechargeable on tap – the state incentive is €2,000 without scrapping and €4,000 with scrapping. While for cars with CO2 emissions between 61 and 135 g/km – hybrid and thermal – the bonus is € 2,000, but only with scrapping.

Funds are limited for each of the aforementioned bands: 190 million for the 0-20 g/km category, 235 for the 21-60 g/km category and 150 million for the 61-135 g/km CO2 band. Furthermore, to take advantage of the bonus, the vehicle to be purchased must have a pre-established maximum list price, including VAT and accessories and excluding Ipt: 42,700 for electric cars, 54,900 for plug-ins and 42,700 for hybrids and thermals . Finally, the new car must be registered within 180 days of booking the contribution.

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