Car incentives, the new round is underway: here is everything you need to know

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A fund of 350 million euros: this is the amount of state resources for the refinancing of eco-incentives dedicated to the auto sector, deriving from the conversion law of the Sostegni bis Decree. The mechanism, designed to encourage the renewal of the car fleet in circulation with low environmental impact vehicles, continues to make use of the platform, the same on which it is possible to book incentives for the purchase of new vehicles with emissions up to 135 g / km of CO2, with and without scrapping.

The biggest piece of the pie, equal to 200 million euros, is reserved for the purchase – but only with the simultaneous scrapping of a car with at least 10 years of service – of vehicles with emissions between 61-135 g / km CO2 and list price up to 40 thousand euros (including accessories but excluding VAT, Ipt and putting on the road). The “token” in this case is equal to 1,500 euros.

Another 60 million “extra bonuses” – the latter is added to the current Ecobonus fund, not yet exhausted – are instead dedicated to the purchase of vehicles with emissions between 0-60 g / km CO2, essentially electric and rechargeable hybrid ones with list price not exceeding 50 thousand euros (including accessories, but excluding VAT, IPT and putting on the road): the contribution amounts to 2,000 euros with scrapping and 1,000 without. Fifty million will support the purchase of commercial and special vehicles, of which 15 million exclusively for 100% electric vehicles. However, you can take advantage of the extra bonus only if the dealership applies a minimum discount of one thousand euros without scrapping and 2 thousand euros with scrapping.

However, the real novelty of this new round of eco-incentives is that 40 million will be dedicated to the purchase of used M1 category vehicles, of a class of no less than Euro 6, with emissions up to 160 g / km of CO2 and with an average price of market not exceeding 25 thousand euros. In this case, a contribution of up to 2,000 euros is recognized, calculated on the basis of the CO2 emission band: for cars 0-60 g / km the contribution amounts to 2,000 euros, for 61-90 g / km it is 1,000 euros and for 91-160 it is 750 euros.

However, to take advantage of the aforementioned contribution it is necessary to scrap a car registered before January 2011, or that has reached ten years of service during the period in which the eco-bonus is requested. But this incentive can only be accessed after the necessary technical changes to the Mise platform. State support will end with the natural exhaustion of funds or, at the latest, by December 31st.

Vademecum car incentives:
new cars

– class 0-20 g / km without scrapping: 4,000 euro State Ecobonus + 1,000 euro extra State bonus + 1,000 euro (+ VAT) concession holder;
– class 0-20 g / km with scrapping: € 6,000 State Ecobonus + € 2,000 extra State bonus + € 2,000 (+ VAT) concession holder;
– class 21-60 g / km without scrapping: 1,500 euro State Ecobonus + 1,000 euro State extra bonus + 1,000 euro (+ VAT) concession holder;
– class 21-60 g / km with scrapping: 2,500 euro State Ecobonus + 2,000 euro extra State bonus + 2,000 euro (+ VAT) concession holder;
– class 61-135 g / km with scrapping: 1,500 euros State + 2,000 euros (+ VAT) concessionaire;

used cars
– class 0-60 g / km with scrapping: 2,000 euros;
– class 61-90 g / km with scrapping: 1,000 euros;
– class 91-160 g / km with scrapping: 750 euros.

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