Car market, in 2022 it drops by 9.7% to 1.3 million registrations

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Despite the recovery of the last five months and a positive December – archived with 104,915 new registrations (+21%) – the Italian car market greets 2022 with 1,316,702 registered cars, 141 thousand fewer than in 2021, equal to a -9.7%. A level not far from the historical minimum of 1,304,500 registrations, registered in 2013.

“Faced with this far from exciting picture – comments Michele Crisci, President of UNRAE in an official note – it is a pity that in such an important and profoundly changing moment in the automotive world, the Budget Law that has just been approved does not include anything new for a sector that is rapidly facing a profound industrial and commercial conversion of the supply chain to support the transition towards sustainable mobility. Although appreciable, what has been done so far is not enough, the data clearly demonstrate it, and we hope that improvement measures can soon be envisaged to achieve this goal”.

The analysis of the market structure confirms a drop in private users, which amount to 58.3% of the total (-4.3%). Self-registrations (so-called “0 km cars” that dealers register themselves to meet sales targets and then resell at a discounted price) closed the year at 8.5% of the total (-1.4%) . Long-term rental is growing strongly, with a 23.1% share (+5.5%). The short-term one stops at 3.9% (-0.4%). The positive trend of companies continues, at 6.2% (+0.5%) in 2022.

Among fuels, petrol and diesel lose in volume on the total for 2022, closing respectively at 27.5% (-2.2%) and 20% of share (-2.6%). LPG archives the year with 8.9% of preferences (+1.6%). The slowdown of methane continues, which in 2022 stops at just 0.8% of representation. Electric cars are worth 3.7% of the market (-0.9%). And plug-in hybrids are worth 5.1% (+0.4%). Hybrids are flying, gaining more than 5 points of share in 2022, with a 34.1% share, with 9.1% for “full” hybrids and 25.0% for “mild” hybrids.

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