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It should have taken place on November 1st, but thanks to the holiday, the increase in the cost of the car overhaul came into effect on November 2nd, which varies depending on whether you go to the Motor Vehicle Authority or a private inspection center.

In the event that the revision is carried out at the offices of the Civil Motorization, in fact, the cost is 54.95 euros against the 45 previously foreseen, an amount that rises for private affiliated centers: in this case, VAT must be added to the base rate ( 22%), the motorization rate (10.20 euros) and postage costs (1.78 euros), for a total of 79.02 euros, 18% more than the 66.88 euros that are paid now.

The increase was introduced by an amendment to the 2021 Budget Law, and with the enactment of the implementing decree by the Minister of Infrastructures and Transport, in addition to the new tariff, a subsidy to incentivize car owners is also formalized. scooters and motorcycles to have the vehicle checked.

Bonus review, how it works and who can ask for it
In fact, the legislation provides for a “safe vehicle voucher” worth 9.95 euros, for which 4 million euros have been allocated from 2021 to 2023, for a total of 12 million. The recipients are the people who, between November 1, 2021 and December 31, 2023, will have their vehicle inspected, and who can submit a request for the bonus of € 9.95 starting from the date of entry into operation of the specific digital platform. .

The site will be the only tool through which to request the contribution, after registering on the platform with Spid, electronic identity card or national service card. The platform will go into operation starting from 21 December 2021, and the request can only be made after carrying out the review. So be careful: unlike other bonuses, the contribution will not be paid in the form of a discount on the overhaul, but subsequently by reimbursement to the current account, and is valid for one motor vehicle only and once in the three-year period.

When submitting the application, it is necessary to indicate the registration number of the vehicle to be overhauled, which must be in the name of the person requesting the bonus or to the company in the event that the applicant is appointed by the company itself, the date of the overhaul, the Iban to be credited to the refund, the surname and name of the current account holder or co-holder and the email address for any communications. It will then be up to Consap to verify whether the applicant is actually entitled to the bonus.

Car inspection, what the law says
Car inspection is mandatory and is governed by article 80 of the Highway Code. The law provides that it be carried out every two years, the only exception being the first, which must be done within 4 years from the first registration within the month of issue of the registration certificate. Anyone traveling with a vehicle without overhauling is subject to an administrative penalty ranging from 169 to 680 euros, which can be doubled in the event of repeated omitted overhaul.

With the sanction, suspension from circulation is also triggered until the revision is carried out. In the event that you drive with a vehicle suspended from circulation pending the outcome of the inspection, another administrative sanction is triggered with sums ranging from 1,959 euros to 7,837 euros. Added to this is the administrative detention of the vehicle for 90 days, and in the event of repeated violations, the administrative confiscation.

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