Car sharing, the 100% electric one of Mobilize debuts in Bergamo

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The 100% electric car sharing fleet in Italy is expanding with the debut in Bergamo of the one signed by Mobilize, the business unit that Renault has dedicated to the development of solutions for electric mobility.

The project is signed in collaboration with the Oberti dealer in Bergamo, which will have direct management of the service, and makes 45 Renault Zoe available to citizens starting from June, 35 in the municipality of Bergamo and 10 in four neighboring municipalities (Lallio, Seriate , Orio al Serio and Brembate). Electric cars can be collected and returned in 20 dedicated stations, without time or day constraints.

The “Station Based Round Trip” formula was chosen to always guarantee a parking space at the end of the journey, and is accompanied by an app with which it is possible to check the availability of the car and the level of recharge and book the Zoe in the station closest to your needs. The cars will be constantly monitored by dedicated personnel to always guarantee a correct battery recharge level, and a specialized company (Fra. Mar) will take care of cleaning and sanitizing to ensure compliance with anti-coronavirus regulations in a pandemic period.

The mayor of Bergamo, Giorgio Gori, also participated in the presentation of the new car sharing service, who for some time has been promoting a more “green” mentality in the city he manages with projects that also concern urban reorganization. And the use of electric cars will allow residents (and others) to access the Ztl and park for free.

“Bergamo, the city symbol of the restart and rebirth means filling with positive contents a notoriety that our city has acquired, in spite of itself, in the last year due to the painful events related to the pandemic – said Gori – We want to leave the story behind. covid19, giving impetus and releasing the many energies that have always distinguished this territory and our city. The new Mobilize car-sharing represents a piece of this complex and rich puzzle of opportunities that Bergamo must seize in order to restart with conviction: as an administration we have been working for some time to become a city at the forefront of sustainable mobility issues, it is clear that this ” prima ”by Renault allows us to continue along this path of growth, with a fully electric and 100% sustainable fleet».

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