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Convenience, aerodynamics, comfort, connectivity. The Tourmodular helmet by Agv it has everything you need to please even the most demanding motorcyclists. But what strikes most of all is the weight: i 1620 grams reported seem to disappear as the speedometer approaches motorway speeds. A gift that will certainly be appreciated by the millers of kilometers. The test took place with temperatures between 14 and 38 degreeson urban routes in the Turin area, on some out-of-town trips in the Langhe, but above all in a 2,000-kilometer journey to and from Bamberg, in Upper Bavaria.

Photo by Maurizio Bosio

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The shape of the helmet is quite rounded and fades into a slightly elongated chin guard. There outer shell has three sizes and the internal one four, to be able to reduce the overall dimensions to a minimum. In addition, the internal part has been designed to have five densities in the various points, in order to offer maximum protection without limiting comfort. On the front, then, there are two air intakes on the sides of the chin guard with lateral sliding opening and one under the visor, with tilting opening. And always in front, on the top of the shell there is another air intake, with a slider opening (at the top, in the center). This system of holes is 2253 square millimeters and is combined with 16 channels to convey and diffuse the air inside the helmet. The rear has an aerodynamic molding and at the top houses the air extractor. The protection on the nape is comparable to that of a full-face helmet, with a lower edge designed to favor aerodynamics.

Photo by Maurizio Bosio

There visor is wide (190 ° horizontally and 85 ° vertically) and comes standard with a pinlock. And it has a peculiarity: the locking system uses a tooth that fits into the chin guard, but if necessary it can serve as a spacer, to keep a crack open without risking unwanted lowering and closing. The sun visor is also large and covers almost the entire field of vision, avoiding the “step” effect between natural and filtered view which can be annoying when driving.

The interiors are customizable with 30 combinations and the operation is very simple: just unbutton the “grips” and replace the various parts with the desired ones. The closure under the chin is micrometric and a padding avoids the contact of the coupling mechanism with the skin. In the front, then, there are a shape to protect the nose and the lower one, to limit the flow of air under the chin.

The Tourmodular is system ready Insyde by Cardo for intercom connections. The retractable control unit is located at the rear, the controls in a space on the left. It can be used for communications between rider and passenger, but also between various drivers. The use of mesh technology, then, allows you to connect up to 15 systems and each becomes a sort of transmitter to expand the range, which can reach 6 kilometers. The only criticism can concern the assembly: quite simple, the couplings of the control units are precise, but in the shell there are no “tracks” to pass the cables, forcing them to be hidden as best they can. A detail that clashes with the attention to detail of a helmet placed in the high-end (such as characteristics and price) of the market.

Photo by Maurizio Bosio

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As soon as it is worn, the Tourmodular confirms the vocation summed up in the name: travel comfort, with the convenience of being able to open (the helmet has double approval) visor and chin guard without sacrificing safety. The weight is 1620 grams, in line with most of the modular, which discount the supplement of the opening mechanism. From a standstill, the weight is felt, but as soon as you start the situation improves. And when we approach highway speeds, the weight seems to disappear. It is a feature praised also by the manufacturer’s website, but I confess that I was only aware of it after trying the helmet. Indeed, Agv claims that at 130 kilometers per hour the weight is reduced to zero as a result of the aerodynamic “games”, since we are unable to confirm having not done instrumental tests. However, the feeling is one of great lightness.

The level of ventilation has always been good, also thanks to the possibility of keeping one open chink of visor taking advantage of the closing “tooth”. On the trips, the weather was mild: only two hours of rain in Bavaria. And in that short time, there was no fogging of the visor.

Photo by Maurizio Bosio

Even proof of the system intercom has been limited: no connection with passengers or pilots, but only to the bluetooth of the phone, resulting flawless. The audio was clear, the volume at a good level (incoming and outgoing) without being forced to “fiddle” with the buttons.

The helmet was comfortable and functional, a excellent travel companion. The dowry of the “weight suspended” by aerodynamics was a boon in days organized to have 6 to 11 hours of driving. Even in the event of high smog or other unhealthy air situations, its function can only be partial, since the helmet is not watertight and air can enter from other parts. For the rest, the behavior was excellent in all situations. But above all, it is difficult to get off the bike after a day of riding and not have a sore neck, especially after having rounded the finish line of 25 springs. With Tourmodular it was possible. The cervical thanks.

Photo by Maurizio Bosio


Agv Tourmodular: 629.95 euros

Cardo Insyde for Agv: 344.95 euros

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