Corvette E-Ray, the American racing car becomes a hybrid

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An (another) sign on four wheels of changing times: the reference is to the new Corvette E-Ray, the hybrid version of the famous American sports car. For the first time in its seventy-year history, the “Vette” gives in to electrification, which also brings it four-wheel drive, another unprecedented feature for the Made in USA racing car.

Offered with coupé or spider bodywork, the E-Ray combines its traditional 6.2-litre thermal V8 with 495 HP of power – installed behind the passenger compartment – ​​with an additional 160 HP electric engine, connected to the front axle and fed from a 1.9 kWh battery. The system power therefore reaches 655 HP, good for shooting from 0 to 100 per hour in about 2.6 seconds. If desired, then, the Corvette E-Ray can travel for very short distances with the aid of electric traction alone, provided it does not exceed 72 km/h.

Another feature of the E-Ray is the “wide-body” bodywork, borrowed from the sporty Z06 edition. The car rests on 20-inch front and 21-inch rear wheels, fitted with 275/30 front and 345/25 rear tyres, respectively. The technical equipment is completed by the magnetorheological suspensions and the carbon-ceramic braking system, branded Brembo. In America the car will be on sale at a price equivalent to about 96 thousand dollars. Pricing and availability for the European market remain to be determined.

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