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The great protagonist of the new Corvette Stingray is undoubtedly the engine and it is for two reasons: firstly it is in a position where it has never been before, secondly it has a unique and exciting character, with a roar that embraces you from behind. your shoulders and it warms your heart. The central rear positioning and the 2 valves per cylinder are a combination that belongs to a few cars, all of the distant past and with European origins. The only American to have such an engine with this arrangement was the legendary Ford GT 40. This layout, therefore, is a real rarity for a sports car made in the USA and the previous seven generations of the Vette have always used the classic one. The reason for this radical change was explained by General Motors President Mark Reuss, on the day of the eighth debut. “As fantastic as the front-engined Corvette was, it had reached the limit of development. was to move the engine. “

Thus in the C8 the driver’s seat has advanced by 42 cm, the nose has been shortened and the tail is longer. Some stylistic features of the old Vette have remained and the overall impression is that of a fairly classic and bulky supercar, not a spaceship as some competitors may seem. By the way, the Corvette costs about half of any direct rival, given that the price list – in Italy it is sold by the Cavauto Group – starts at 90,100 euros. Figure with which you put in the garage a car with 60% of the weight on the rear, rear-wheel drive and a naturally aspirated 6.2-liter 8-cylinder. An old school engine, with 482 HP at 6,450 rpm and 613 Nm at 4,500 rpm, which is enough to fly up to 296 km / h and to sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 s, thanks to the lightning action of the gearbox 8-speed double clutch (developed by Tremec for General Motors and then also chosen by Maserati for the MC20). Important numbers that do not, however, explain the stupendous character of this V8.

Immediately ready at low revs, it becomes very full-bodied in the mids to conclude with an exciting extension while its bark invades the cockpit. In addition, the instantaneous response to the throttle inputs joins its sensitivity, not making you regret the presence of the turbo. Even at a dynamic level, the C8 gives a lot of satisfaction: the direct, precise and sensitive steering works perfectly with an attitude that is never too rigid, very stable but above all sincere. Both the power steering and the magnetorheological suspensions (optional) are adjustable with the various driving modes that can be customized and also intervene on the by-wire braking system signed by Brembo. With the Corvette you can go for a walk in great relaxation or attack the curves, always with a smile on your face and even with the wind in your hair. In the case of the Coupé you have to go down to put the roof back in the trunk, with the Convertible instead just push a button and wait 17 seconds.

The cockpit is very original, inspired by the cabins of fighter planes, with the well-pronounced central tunnel that envelops the pilot. This has all the information in front of him, divided into the two displays of the instrumentation and infotainment. Just below is the wheel to select the drive modes, next to which there are the buttons to manage the transmission; further down there is the glove compartment and cup holder, while the air conditioning buttons are on the edge that ideally frames the driver’s seat. The equipment includes the Z51 pack which consists of the electronic differential, the sports exhaust, the aerodynamic kit and the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. The 2LT pack is also standard which includes the head-up display, the navigator, the Bose audio system with 14 speakers, the rear view camera, the heated and ventilated seats and the data recorder which is very useful in use in track. A very useful option is the Front Lift System which raises the front of the car by 5 cm, memorizing the exact position to activate automatically in future passages.

Corvette Stingray, the card

What is that: the eighth-generation Corvette that forgoes the front engine in favor of the central rear arrangement

Dimensions: length 4.63 meters, width 1.93 m height 1.23 m, pitch 2.72 m

Trunk: 357 liters (front plus rear)

Motor: 6.2 liters naturally aspirated, 8 V 90 ° cylinders, maximum power 482 HP, maximum torque 613 Nm

Exchange: 8-speed automatic double clutch

Traction: rear

Advantages: performance, driving pleasure, character, price

Defects: driving position too high, heavy weight

Production: Bowling Green, Kentucky, United States

Prices: Prices for the Corvette start at € 90,100 for the Coupé and € 96,760 for the Convertible. The 3LT pack costs 3,740 euros

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