Corvette Z06, presented the queen of the “Peaks”

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For technical caliber and emotionality, it recalls the supercars of the best European tradition, those “Made in Maranello” to be understood. Still, the new Corvette Z06 is (proudly) American, right down to the last bolt. This is the “curb-eater” version of the iconic sports car, proposed for the first time with an engine installed in a central position, behind the passenger compartment and in front of the rear axle.

And what a propeller: an unprecedented naturally aspirated V8 at high rpm – limiter set at 8,600 rpm – of 5.5 liters of cubic capacity, entirely made of aluminum, equipped with a flat shaft and credited with 670 hp of maximum power and 623 Nm of torque. driving force. It is assembled by a single technician who signs the plate placed on the intake duct. Particular attention was paid to its sonority, sublime for those who still love connecting rods and pistons.

The above figures go hand in hand with aerodynamics at the height, capable of generating up to 165.6 kg of downforce at a speed of 300 km / h. However, if you opt for the “Z07” package – complete with a larger front splitter, dedicated aerodynamic profiles, a rear wing and underbody profiles, all made of carbon – at the same speed the downforce rises to 345 kg. The transmission uses an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission connected to the rear traction wheels.

The equipment includes 20 and 21 “alloy wheels with 275/30 and 345/25 tires, braking system with front six-piston calipers, which bite 370 mm discs, and sophisticated magnetorheological suspensions. The aforementioned Z07 pack enriches the car with the Brembo carbon-ceramic braking system equipped with 398 mm front discs, with Michelin Cup 2R ZP tires and with a specific set-up calibration.

As an option, carbon fiber rims, which reduce the overall weight by 18.6 kg. The car will be available in the United States with coupé and spider bodywork in the summer of 2022, at prices yet to be defined. And hopefully it will also arrive in Europe.

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