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A sister with a “hot” design of the Volkswagen ID.3: this is the first impression that the Born, the 100% electric compact Cupra brand, born from a rib of the Seat, transmits. “With this car we intend to contribute to the electrification of Spain and the world and we want the next generation of young people to be part of this transformation,” said Wayne Griffiths, President of the brand in an official statement: “For this reason, the car it will also be offered by subscription, with a monthly fee that will include its use and other related services “.

The Born will arrive on the market in the second half of the year, anticipating a second 100% electric vehicle: it is the Tavascan, an electron SUV built on the basis of the Volkswagen ID.4. Built on the basis of the Meb platform, dedicated to battery-powered cars, the Born will be built in Germany, in the Zwickau factory, where the ID.3 is also produced. Autonomy? Up to 500 km homologated. In addition, several components of the car will be made of recycled plastic, further underlining the Born’s environmental vocation.

“Cupra has surprised everyone in these three years, continuing to grow even during the pandemic. These excellent results make us optimistic to do even more in 2021; the goal for this year is to double the volume by 2020 and reach 10% of the company’s total sales volume, ”commented Wayne Griffiths. An expansion of the dealer network is planned, with the aim of reaching 800 points of sale by 2022.

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