De Tomaso P72, will be produced (by Capricorn Group) near the Nurburgring

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The new De Tomaso P72 will be a “polyglot supercar”: an Italian brand (founded by an Argentine), German construction and Yankee mechanics. For the first time it was presented at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed, although at the time the technical details were still to be defined.

Now, however, it is official that the car will be assembled at a new plant, built in Germany, near the historic Nurburgring circuit (initially, however, it was thought that the P72 would be built in the States). The new De Tomaso headquarters will be inaugurated in the summer, in collaboration with Capricorn Group – which has a long motorsport experience gained in the WEC, in Formula 1, in MotoGP -, which will take care of the construction of the carbon fiber monocoque that acts as a bone at P72; which also underwent rigorous testing in the same wind tunnel used by the Toyota Formula 1 team, near Cologne.

Compared to the 2019 prototype, the P72 will have a slightly modified architecture, to offer 10 cm more legroom, 5 cm more for the head and a lower center of gravity. All 72 models in the program will be built starting from late 2023 and powered by a supercharged Ford-derived V8 engine, capable of over 700 hp, coupled to a manual gearbox. Mouths sewn on the ticket price, even if it is easy to hypothesize a price list of around one million euros.

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