Diabolik 2021, among the protagonists there is always the Jaguar E-Type

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The faces of Diabolik and Eva Kant are different from the first 1968 film, the plot is still nebulous, but the car remains the same: the Jaguar T-Type, the iconic car driven by the masked thief born from the pen of Angela Giussani, who the Manetti Bros. have dedicated a film that will be released in theaters on December 16th.

An anticipation of what will be seen in the new Diabolik comes from the trailer: Luca Marinelli plays the “King of terror”, accomplice and life partner Eva Kant played by a very blond Miriam Leone, Valerio Mastandrea is the inspector Ginko. The other protagonist of the film is the Jaguar E-Type with which Diabolik / Marinelli scores his shots and escapes the police.

As iconic as the character who drives it, the Jaguar E-Type is not the only car that will feature in the highly anticipated film by the Manetti brothers: the dark black of the “Jag” is contrasted, as the comic teaches, by the candid Citroën DS of Ginko, a reference to good and evil in comparison. And obviously the Alfa Romeos of the Clerville police, where comics and films are set.

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