Dodge announces an electric muscle car for 2024

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Not electric cars, but “American eMuscle”: this is how Dodge unveiled to the world that in 2024 it will bring to market the first electric “muscle car”, a car with which the brand hopes to project itself into the future by embracing the renewal strategy of Stellantis without give up his identity.

“For more than a hundred years, Dodge’s goal has been to be the most powerful brand around. Our customers do not buy a technology, but an experience “, explained CEO Tim Kuniskis from the historic American headquarters of Dodge during the Stellantis EV Day, underlining how the hard core of customers are” millennials more likely to move to ‘electric car”. And the electric motor, the US manufacturer wanted to emphasize, will allow for even more power and performance to be increased.

“Our engineers have reached a practical limit: they can’t get more out of traditional combustion engines, and we know that electric motors can give us more – added Kuniskis – For this we are obliged to use them, we owe it to our customers. . But we will not sell electric vehicles, but more powerful engines and faster cars: for us the electric is not a revolution, but a natural evolution of muscle cars “.

No mention of pollution and the environment – except at the end of the announcement, with a pun on “destroying the roads, not the planet” – for Dodge, but only power and technology at the service of the brand. And if it is the electric that is needed to improve performance, it seems to emphasize the house, electric either. However, it will take three years to see the first 100% electric muscle car, of which very little is now known: rumors speak of a revised Charger, but everything is still at the level of speculation.

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