Eicma 2021, Benelli presents the Trk 800

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And she. She has arrived. Benelli takes advantage of the 110th anniversary of the Pesaro brand (now in the hands of the Chinese giant QJMotor) to present the Trk 800, designed with the aim of ousting the Bmw R 1250GS from the highest place on the podium of the best-selling bikes. A feat that was already successful last year for a few months for the little sister Trk 502 X, the same weight as the German competitor, but a third of the available horses (45 instead of 136). Of course, the price of 6 thousand euros has done a lot against the 17 thousand of the basic BMW model, but the “queen” of Pesaro has satisfied the many buyers, guaranteeing what it promised: driving comfort, great elasticity and “pull” too. at low revs, resistance on long journeys and consumption at the limit of comparison with scooters (it is not difficult to approach 30 kilometers with a liter).

The new Benelli 800 promises comparable resilience and fun. It is powered by the same twin-cylinder, 754cc liquid-cooled 4-valve per cylinder. proposed on the Leoncino, with a power of 76.2 horsepower at 8500 rpm, a torque of 67 Nm at 6500 rpm and a six-speed gearbox. The 19-inch front wheel seems to indicate the choice of a “crossover” product, with a preference for the road, but without inferiority complexes outside the asphalt, as evidenced by the knobby tires. The 7-inch color TFT display and a 21-liter fuel tank will help make the journey longer and with all information under control.

But the work of the Benelli Style Center and the Research and Development department was concentrated above all on design and materials. One fact can help to understand: the Trk 800 has a larger engine, but the bike has lost almost ten kilos (now weighs 226) compared to its younger sister. And then, there is the line, which retains the visual impact of the front and front fender, in addition to the double arch lights, which in the 800 become “full led”. The aesthetics convey dynamism and determination, but to know how it goes we will have to wait until spring 2022. And the same goes for the price, even if some predictions about it are already possible: considering the price of 6 thousand euros of the 502, it is reasonable imagine a cost between 7 and 7 thousand and 500 euros. If so, the Trk 800 could be a candidate for the queen of sales in the sector of maxi (in terms of dimensions) enduro.

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