Eicma 2021, Suzuki sharpens its Katana

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Suzuki’s Katana from 2022 is even sharper. The four-cylinder 99cc. it has gained power (152 horsepower instead of 150, at 11,000 rpm) and pollutes less, to re-enter the Euro 5 homologation. The torque is just below the previous model (108 to 10 Nm), but is available 250 rpm further down (9250 instead of 9500), a change that indicates the direction taken by the House of Hamamatsu: high performance, but with particular attention to usability. With this in mind, the adoption of the bidirectional quickshifter must also be seen, which makes it easy and smooth to enter uphill and downshifting.

As in other models of the brand, then, there are three maps for power management and five for traction control. In this way, the response mode can be adapted to the characteristics of any rider, with the speed and fluidity guaranteed by the “ride by wire” accelerator. The interventions on the aesthetics were limited to the new colors (blue or gray), precisely in order not to overturn a line taken up by the “progenitor” of 1981. The Suzuki Katana 2022 is on the list at 14,190 euros.

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