Eicma 2021, the TMax Yamaha turns 20 and swells up the muscles

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Twenty years of success. Yamaha wanted to celebrate the birthday of the TMax maxi-scooter (also in the TMax Tech Max version) with a renewed model. In form, but also in substance. In the eighth generation, the displacement increased to 560cc. (Euro5 homologation) and the horses have reached 47.5, but there is also a more compact fairing, updated wheels and suspension, as well as a 7-inch display with full-screen Garmnin navigator, which allows you to connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth , Wi-Fi or USB port in the front waterproof glove box. The driving position is even sportier, with a greater inclination of the driver forward, but without sacrificing the comfort of an elongated saddle and larger footrests. Speaking of the saddle, the part dedicated to the driver is thinned in the area near the thighs and has an adjustable backrest, to offer greater comfort on long journeys. And then there is the windshield, adjustable (in the TechMax, electrically) and with a central air intake to reduce the wind pressure on the driver’s torso.

On the subject of technological innovation, there is also the installation on the TMax 2022 of the latest version of the “ride-by-wire” accelerator, with a new accelerator position sensor (APSG) that detects the inputs of the grip and transmits them at the “heart” of the engine. It is switched on with the Smart Key and the aircraft-style fuel cap opens automatically for refueling within two minutes of turning off the main switch and activates an audible alarm in the event that it has not been properly closed at the end of the operation.

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