Eicma 2021, Yamaha’s naked MT10 winks at the track

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One hundred and sixty-five horsepower at 11,500 rpm and 112 Nm of torque at 9,000 rpm. It is the MT10 that will be marketed by Yamaha in 2022 and that attracted the attention of enthusiasts at Eicma in Milan. The update took place on the engine, but also on the aesthetics and electronics. Just think of the four levels of throttle response management (PWR), the six-axis IMU inertial platform (originally designed for the R1) and a ‘lean’ sensitive traction control system with five levels intervention according to the angle of descent.

Also adjustable (in two positions) the «brake control» and the speed limiter, in addition to the anti-wheelie device. Everything passes from the “Yamaha ride control” (Yrc) platform, through the 4.2-inch TFT color display, A new air filter and three intake ducts of different sizes, then made it possible to change the “sound” , in combination with a new titanium exhaust. With all liquids and a full (17-liter) tank, the MT10 weighs 212 kilos. There will be three colors: the new Cyan Storm (with blue rims) and the more classic Icon Blue and Tech Black.

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