Eicma 2022, Fantic Caballero swells his muscles and reaches 700

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SENT TO MILAN. Fantic Caballero takes a step forward. In engine capacity, but also in design. At Eicma, the Venetian company launched the 700, an intermediate engine size that is increasingly in demand on the market. The line of the bike has become fuller, the saddle-tank connection is streamlined and the large tailpipes on the right side leave no doubts about the scrambler vocation of this two-wheeler. The displacement is 689 cm3, the forward-facing twin-cylinder engine is a close relative of the one that powered the Yamaha MT07 (and still today the Teneré 700) and develops 75 horsepower and 68 Nm of torque, no small amount for a bike that weighs only 180 kilos. The electronic equipment is top-level, because it includes an inertial platform that integrates traction control, allows management of three driving modes and ABS cornering. The instrument cluster is circular, with a 3.5-inch TFT screen that can be synchronized with the mobile phone via Bluetooth, to view messages and other mobile phone information.

Photo by Claudio Laugeri

The front wheel is 19 inches and the rear 17, but the ground clearance seems slightly lower than that of the 500, even if the travel is still 150 millimeters, both front and rear. The price should be close to 10 thousand euros.

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