Electric and high-performance, with the summer the iX M60 arrives on the market, the most powerful zero-emission BMW produced so far

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The BMW iX M60, the most powerful electric in the history of the Bavarian manufacturer, arrives on the market in June. Italian orders will be opened by the end of January, with the publication of the official price list. In the virtual preview at the CES in Las Vegas, BMW explained that it embodies the best of three worlds: the “i” (zero emissions), the “X” (SUVs) and the “M” (the high performance range, which debuted exactly half a century ago).

The model’s power reaches 619 hp, while maximum torque is between 1,015 Nm in Sport mode and 1,100 with Launch Control activated and specific suspension set-up. The top speed is the ranking one, i.e. 250 electronically limited hours, while the starting point from 0 to 100 per hour takes place in 3.8 ”. In practice the same parameters as the X5 M, but without emissions on the road. The estimated autonomy in the new Wltp homologation cycle is close to 570 kilometers (566 to be precise) due to a minimum combined consumption hypothesized around 21.7 kWh / 100 km.

With the new SUV, BMW doubles the “M” offer in the new high-performance electric segment: the other is the i4 M50 credited with a minimum consumption of 18 kWh / 100 km.

The manufacturer has worked hard to increase efficiency by reducing weight and improving aerodynamics even with dedicated 22 ” rims, which is also available on request. BMW talks about an aluminum spaceframe and carbon resin cage reinforced with carbon fiber and an “intelligent mix of materials” to limit the impact of the iX M60 on the scale. The drag coefficient drops to 0.26 in Sport mode, while the high-voltage battery housed in the underbody lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity. BMW aims to transfer the same handling and the identical weight balance of the thermal “M” range to the electric one. The house of Elica anticipates for the model “a feeling of safety and lightness at all speeds”. The two electric units, one per axle as for the iX 40 and iX 50 (both already on sale in Italy), guarantee all-wheel drive.

From a technological point of view, the electric SUV offers “the widest range of standard equipment ever offered by BMW” in terms of assistance systems, with functions that in the medium term reach level 3 of autonomous driving. The model is equipped with new generation sensors, an unprecedented software system and a powerful calculation platform also to support the 5G standard, which is the maximum currently available for data transmission. Inside the cockpit there are both the hexagonal steering wheel, the seats with integrated headrests and the generous Curved Display. Made in Germany, the BMW iX 560 is the projection of the sustainable future also as regards the supply chain. The aim is not only to eliminate emissions on the road and reduce the CO2 footprint over the entire life cycle of the car, but also to guarantee its social compatibility. Strategic raw materials such as cobalt and lithium are purchased directly by the manufacturer from “controlled sources” in Australia and Morocco and then diverted to the battery cell manufacturers.

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