Electric cars, 8 Chinese manufacturers in the Top 12 led by Tesla

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In 2022, 7 million electric cars (+63%) were sold worldwide, 5 of which in China alone (+82%), which represents the largest single market. However, the highest share is in Norway, a country where practically 9 out of 10 registrations are zero-emissions.

Tesla, according to research by the Center of Automotive Management of Bergisch Gladbach (Germany), confirmed its position as the manufacturer with the most important volumes, which grew by 40% last year to break through the million and 300 thousand units: a new record for the Elon Musk company. For 2023, estimates are oriented towards 2 million, a goal that could also question the planetary balance of premium brands that play around these levels. In the United States and with electric cars only, Tesla has already surpassed the German brands in the segment.

In the Top 12, however, none grew as much as the Chinese BYD, which sold 911,000 cars, +164%. At a similar pace, supported by a global offensive that has just reached Europe (Tang, Han and Atto 3 are the three models that will also arrive in Italy), Tesla’s primacy is at risk: with the Sixt alone has an agreement to supply 100,000 battery-powered cars in the medium term. The podium is completed by another manufacturer of the Celestial Empire, SAIC, whose progression was more contained (+23%), but which is already well established in the Old Continent, where it had taken over the British MG. Last year it registered 750,000 electric cars. The top three manufacturers are currently worth almost 45% of the global electric car market.

The first European group is fourth and is Volkswagen with 572,000 units, an increase of 26%. The Wolfsburg giant, which has several generalist brands, is still very unbalanced on conventional engines, even if it counts on accelerating, especially with the easing of the semiconductor crisis.

The next two places are also occupied by Chinese companies: Geely, owner of Volvo Cars and Lotus (51%) as well as shareholder of Merecdes-Benz (10%) and Aston Martin (7.6) just to name a few European operations, with 381,000 specimens (116,000 in 2021) and GAIC with 271,000 (124,000). BMW is seventh at 216,000, but with a percentage growth of 145%, which also exceeds the +108% of Mercedes, which is ninth with 133,000 (without the joint venture with Geely, i.e. smart, but including the volumes of the Van division) . Between the two German manufacturers is Hozon, which thanks to the success of the Neta crossover has advanced by 54% (152,000 machines). The very Asian Top 12 is completed by NIO (122,000, a third more than the previous year), La Xpeng (121,000, +23%) and Leapmotor, founded just 7 years ago and which has almost tripled volumes (from 43,000 to 111,000).

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