Electric cars: from Japan the solar roof to reduce emissions and increase range

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Solar panels that adapt perfectly to the curved lines of a vehicle roof. The innovation comes from Japan, where Teijin, a hi-tech company specializing in environmental solutions, has partnered with Applied Electric Vehicles to create a new polycarbonate solar roof that can be used for many zero-emission mobility solutions.

The new solar roof is made of a special vitrified polycarbonate resin renamed “Panlite” which is molded into a curved shape while maintaining the rigidity and strength required by a vehicle roof. The particular treatment used by Teijin guarantees resistance to both shocks and atmospheric agents, and today the solar roof has been installed on a prototype of an automated electric vehicle renamed “Blanc Robot” developed by Applied Electric Vehicles which uses a platform for robotic vehicles. with zero emissions.

The vehicle was tested in Australia, and in the course of the tests the solar cells mounted on the Panlite roof reached an output of approximately 330 W, the equivalent of a conventional solar panel. The tests conducted so far suffer that the energy stored by the solar panel can contribute 30% to the energy needs of an electric vehicle (under ideal conditions), covering up to 20% of typical daily use. Under the right conditions, explained by Teijin, the solar roof could therefore extend the autonomy of the Blanc Robot, characterized by a very light frame, from 30 to 55 km.

The objective of the two companies is to continue developing components for electric vehicles, including glass and external body panels, and to produce large volumes by the second half of 2022: “These initiatives, together with the efforts aimed at improving the new solar roof – explain from Teijin – they should contribute to achieving the final goal set by Japan of zero emissions “from the well to the wheel”, which provides for a reduction of 90% compared to 2010 in emissions per single car by 2050 ».

“Carbon reduction and energy efficiency are central to our design philosophy – confirmed Julian Broadbent, CEO of Applied EV – Companies around the world are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and our collaboration with Teijin. it is helping us to reduce the energy used and to increase the proportion between that coming from renewable sources ».

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