Electric mobility, Eni and Be Charge together for a public charging network

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Eni gas and electricity focuses on electric mobility to accelerate the decarbonization process that will have to culminate, from programs in 20150. And it does so by signing, specifically, a partnership with Be Charge, Be Power Group company specialized in infrastructures for electric mobility.

The agreement is aimed at supporting and accelerating the spread of charging network in Italyand provides for the installation throughout the national territory of Be Charge – Eni recharging stations with public access for future electric vehicles powered with green energy supplied by Eni gas and electricity, certified by guarantees of origin of European origin, fed into the network and produced by plants powered 100% by renewables.

From March 2021 all electric car owners in Italy will be able to take advantage of a 50% discount on the first top-up carried out at one of these charging stations on the national territory using the Be Charge charging app. A “democratic” turning point, in short, which just as happened in December with the partnership between FCA, Be Charge and Carrefour, the focus is also on customer incentives, because further advantages will be dedicated to Eni gas and electricity customers.

How the Be Charge charging network works

The collaboration was signed with a view to decarbonisation and energy transition of Eni, which aims to become a leader in the sale of low carbon impact products by 2050, and the agreement will allow to increase the capillarity of an infrastructure that today counts up approximately 3,000 charging points installed and another 3,500 under construction, both in alternating current from 22 kW and in direct current with powers from 75 to 300 kW.

It is therefore an evolution of what Eni already did in 2019 with the launch of E-start, the offer dedicated to both residential customers and companies that it includes Wallboxthe wall-mounted charging solution compatible with all electric car models, and the E-Start Hub charging stations, which offer services for charging electric cars and corporate fleets that can be customized according to the needs of your business.

Eni CEO: “We want to allow recharging everywhere”

“Thanks to Be Charge, Eni gas and electricity adds the possibility of recharging one’s electric car on public land to the range of services dedicated to electric mobility, launched a year ago – he said Alberto Chiarini, CEO of Eni gas and electricity – Through this partnership we want to allow owners of electric cars to recharge their cars wherever they are, even if they are away from home or away from their company. Our commitment is to encourage sustainable mobility, and we will also supply Be Charge charging stations with 100% electricity from renewable sources “.

For Paolo Martini, CEO of Be Charge, the partnership is “a further step towards the consolidation of an expansion strategy that already sees in 2021 a significant increase in recharging points in the area, the installation of increasingly powerful recharging infrastructures and the opening to electric mobility without borders even in other European countries “.

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