Electric rental, partnership between Horizon and IrenGo to choose a “tailor-made” car and charging system

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The shift to electric is now underway, and car manufacturers are accelerating by announcing ambitious transition plans very quickly. As demonstrated by various surveys and studies, however, among the obstacles to overcome for large-scale diffusion there is not only the material and structural question, but also a psychological aspect, represented by the distrust of generations unwilling to abandon the engine. to embrace a technology that today can raise uncertainties, doubts and fears especially in terms of costs and autonomy.

The solution could therefore be the use of “mediators” able to help the individual to extricate himself in the choice of the most suitable vehicle and charging method, a sort of electric “personal shopper” like the one born from the partnership signed between Horizon and IrenGo.

The first is a container of various brands, an Italian “mobility hub” specialized in offering vehicles with electrified technology, the second the section of Iren dedicated to electric mobility. The agreement provides that the two companies use their respective skills in order to accompany customers in choosing the rental vehicle and the charging solution that best suit individual needs.

The customer can choose between hybrid vehicles (Mild and Full Hybrid), Plug-in (PHEV) and Full Electric among those on offer or ready for delivery, or choose it with the Horizon digital configurator. The Horizon consultant helps to select the best offer, and then activates with IrenGO to identify and provide the customized charging solution in case you also want to rent a system.

The choice is between wallbox and columns, and on the basis of the model and needs, the correct charging power will be selected (from 3.7 kW to more than 50 kW), the access mode to the charging (free or via authentication) and the number of sockets (1-2). All infrastructures can be supplied with installation, maintenance and support services for the management of administrative procedures for connections with the network, as well as innovative apps and / or software that allow you to monitor the infrastructures, geolocate them and communicate with the user for recharging. or with local businesses for incentive or loyalty programs.

The partnership was signed a few days ago, and Horizon is working with IrenGO to define how to implement the site in order to allow you to configure the car and at the same time select, also thanks to the advice of the Horizon experts, the recharge grab. : “We think that the collaboration with Horizon will allow us to build further value for customers in simplifying the experience of renting electrified vehicles”, said Lorenzo Sessa, Iren Mercato Director of Innovative Services, Marketing and Commercial Communication.

To the private installation is added the possibility of having a map of the offer of public charging stations in the area, and for individuals, companies and their employees there are also customized light mobility products associated with supply offers of electricity entirely from renewable sources: “With this important partnership with IrenGO, Horizon consolidates its mission of guaranteeing an innovative” Mobility Experience “, associated with a complete and” tailor-made “customer management, bridging the criticalities in the experience and in the service currently present in the Rental sector – added Luca Cantoni, CEO of Horizon Automotive – The services linked to the “last mile” today are a need strongly requested by customers ”.

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